My final double page spread and front covered where inspired by the subculture mods.I chose this subculture as I feel they were a very fashion forward and interesting as group.Fashion is something I’m very interesting in personally so felt I could work well if I understood what the subculture stood for, This is something I really wanted to signify and highlight in my front cover as I felt this is a large and very broad signifier for the mod subculture from the smart suits to scruffy parka jackets.I started by doing a lot of research on history and learning some background knowledge on mods but mainly looked at how it might have felt to be a mod as I felt this was important mainly because the people who would be taking interest was people who had either been mods or had some form of experiance.I wanted to create nostalgia for this audience.

I then started to do research into how I might go about my piece.
Firstly by looking at communication, I feel one of the most important and powerful devices to have an understanding for in design is communication.What makes a great design piece is how well it communicates.I feel for this piece communication is very important as for a mod revival you need to completely communicate and signify your specific subculture as clearly as possible, I tried to gain as much understanding for semiotics, ideology and other visual communication techniques as I possibly could.This would help me to decide one which final piece I would choose to represent the mod subculture.

I also conduced research on illustration & photography to give me a range of techniques I could try and create in my final piece.I did try to create some illustrations although felt they were nowhere near as effective as the photography, I felt the photography gave me licence to put a more modern spin on it,First I had the idea to photography a vespa but then scrapped this idea when I realised that there fashion was the biggest signifier in my opinion and this is what made them interesting to me.I tried to create a few illustrations based upon there fashion but believed the photography was a lot more effective and suited a magazine setting a lot more.
Whilst looking at creative reviews in my opinion the ones I found most effective where as the ones with illustration did not capture my interest as much.

After gaining a deeper understanding for Creative Review as a magazine by research there double page spreads and front covers, I did some measurements and made myself a logo of the right size and create a template document that I could drop my image into and edit colours etc when I had created some imagery, this helped as it gave me an idea for size and shape to be able to create my artwork accordingly.

I then started to gain some more photographic imagery, I first photographed a model who I had dressed up as a mod, I felt a signifier for this subculture was a collar, I felt this was subtle,elegant and interesting and thought this created a different spin from the usual vespa and parka mod feel although after gaining some imagery of my own and getting some feedback from peers I decided I did not think was a good idea, simply because the signifiers where not strong enough, It made a more “skinhead” feel rather than mods because of the Harington jacket and the make of Fred Perry as although related to mods my peers felt it signified “skinhead” more.I did try to add the target symbol as a redundant element to make the audience signify with mods more than skinheads.I wasn’t to keen on this piece and felt I could do better.

Mod final front cover

I still felt this image did not communicate clearly enough, therefore I went back to the drawing board where by I generated the idea of still using this close up image that I was interested in creating but decided to go down a smarted route with a shirt tie and toped it all of with a parka,I was much happier with how this piece communicated, I decided before I added any other imagery, signifiers or clues I would ask members of my family and friends to tell me what the image represented, the words I gained back was:-


new cropped
This image will be 300 dpi. Taken on DSLR D3300

I was happy with this feedback as I felt these where some words I myself would associate with the mod subculture, I did edit this image to include the targets on the strip of fabric as this added subtle hints of the signifying practices for mods .I chose the dark red colour tie as I felt this also signified the target symbol (RAF symbol) commonly associated with mods.I also insured the blue underneath the collar was slightly showing for this reason also as the blue is also a colour commonly associated with that symbol.

I used this for my final whilst using illustrator, photoshop and indesign to do various elements of the artwork. I used photoshop to edit all my images, I used the patch tool to airbrush any unwanted lines on the image and I also used illustrator and photoshop together to create the target symbols on the collar.

I feel a collar had connotations of being smart and slick and I felt this reflected the mods, I feel like this image very subtly but clearly connotes that to my audience.I had also decided that in the image I wanted to have the tie tied slightly wonky and not perfect as firstly a image becomes more realistic for the viewer when it become less perfect edited and also as the image below really inspired me to realise that really the mods where trying to achieve a smart look and a modern look, I heard them explained as “wanna bes” and this made me think of them in a slightly different direction,I thought this was actually quite a charming side to show and sort of reminded us that where young men and not these reckless young teens that morel panics had people believe.
Screen Shot 2015-12-11 at 00.55.20.png
I chose this image on my DPS from http://www.gq.com/story/modern-mods I found this to be a high quality image and found that it really portraid the same sort of cool, slick look about the mods that I was trying to touch upon, I felt not only did it represent the mens dress it represented the ladies too so I decided I would use this for my double page spread.

The passage of text I double page spread was short, snappy and to the point. I did this on purpose as I felt it would be part of a set of a few articles and I wanted to assume mine would be the more visual first intro page.I used a quote from the film Quadraphenia as this was very monumental in the mod culture as it was the first big film all about mods and rockers and promoted them, It almost gave the mods a voice.
Adding the target to give my pages a cohesive feel making it again better communicated to the audience.
I also added the same title as the double page spread again to link the 2 pages in the audiences mind but also to add the same colours and insure that I have really made it clear not the page what the article will be able.
I also made the type as the top a dark blue, I did this really to carry on the whole colour scheme through out therefore helping the audience to notice everything correctly.
Final Ready to print 5.png

I feel my finals fit the brief nicely and like the way my pieces have turned out.I think the colour scheme suits my case study research well and insures that with the use of semiotics and other process communication my pieces with communicate clearly and fluently with my audience.


Fashion Recap

I felt as if with the mishap of my last photography I wanted to recap my knowledge of there fashion habits.After looking I feel the fashion was very much shirts and ties but after looking deeper it was more of a trying effort, a lot of the images I have found have been teenagers trying to look older, often with thin ties that where not tied properly, also the idea of the parka was slightly different, there where sort of scruffy long waterproof jackets rather than the parkas we have knower days with the faux fur hoods and neatly turned out shape, these where more baggy, scruffy coats.These coats where not a fashion statement, this was something they wore to cover up there expensive price suits whilst tinkering and riding on there scooters so these where simply a necessity that became part of the identity.I have been inspired by this scruffy almost wanna-be teenage look.It makes me think that perhaps if I very subtly signified this essence of the dress sense it might create nostalgia for the audience of my piece.I feel a good way of doing this would be to represent a thin tie but possibly just slightly scruffy and unneatly tied or maybe a slightly creased shirt to represent this feeling of the mods although I still want to create the dapper, smart and clean look of the mods.This is something I want to portray Screen Shot 2015-12-08 at 22.18.02.png

Illustration Experiment

I have been experimenting with illustration techniques,I decided I wanted to create a more life like (not so cartoony) illustration and decided I wanted to do this straight into illustrator, I started of by finding a photo of the back of a parka coat, I used this to create a basic shape using the pen tool, I then used the pencil tool and width tool and by setting the line to dashed I added small details such as the stitching and the buttons etc.
I have used mainly womanly features, this is because mods where very metrosexual in there style and had slightly long choppy haircuts, they were very edgy looking with thin legs and pin leg trousers.

I then free handed with the circle tool to create the target image as a signifier onto the back of the jacket,I wanted this to look like a badge so made a dashed line round the edge to make it looked stitched on.
I then added a few more badges free hand to the arms.
I do not think I will use this for my final as I do not think it is very creative and could be classed as generic although I think it is effective and interesting.Untitled-1.jpg

Front Cover Idea

Having researched heavily into Fred Perry and mod fashion I had decided that I would show a more casual mod fashion, the Fred perry polos ect. I had created some imagery by dressing up a model and photographing them in a Harrington jacket and polo shirt,I wanted to focus in on the collar as I felt this was a signifier for the mods.Below shows my initial imagery (raw) and also the edited version,I wasn’t to keen on the colours of the models outfit but I knew I wanted the image black and white all the images I have seen regarding mods are black and white so I feel it would be nice to carry this on as this is what people will signify with them.

I do like this image although whilst gaining feedback I got a overriding view that this was more associated with skinheads more than mods as the jackets where different,although mods did where Harrington jackets they where better known for parkas and although this sounds obvious I feel to communicate clearly I need to show a more obvious image of mods.Although my idea was to lay over a target symbol the image and turn the opacity down and although I wasn’t keen I tried doing it anyway, I feel the effect is nice although does not communicate as well as Id like so I think I will take some more images possibly set up differently, with possibly a parker jacket instead although they did not like to be shown with there parkas on, Its was simply to stop there suits getting dirty so I thought maybe it would be good to demonstrate the suits and ties they wore.Mod final front cover .jpg

Double Page Spread Options

I started of by creating some double page spreads with the imagery I had found and also by using the target symbol to represent mods themselves.
This was the first double page spread I created,I decided to start of simple by creating something that would be easily read and easily recognisable.
I do think this is effective although I feel it is rather too wordy, I want my piece to more visual and well communicated because this will be part of a few pages and I chose for mine to be the first in the sequence so want this to be more a scene setting double page spread more than anything.
I also feel this is too simple, Although it communicated well it looks rather dry and boring and I do not feel this is fitting with creative review as a lot of the interest would be on the artistic skill and also on the creativity of the piece.
Screen Shot 2015-12-07 at 09.54.05.png

This is my second idea for my double page spread, I like the use of the large target symbol although I feel the image does not scream Mod, although its a nice image I think the gentlemen looks rather to old to be known as a youth subculture therefore I do not feel this communicates strongly enough, after getting some feedback I have concluded that this is not a very strong signifier and without being to obvious and uncreative I need to create something almost redundant and clear so that it clearly signifies mods.
I do feel that the title and the small column of body text creates a nice focal point and I like the positioning of the left page although the M over the middle circle of the target symbol makes the eye rather confused I may try to develop this to create something more interesting and less confusing.
Screen Shot 2015-12-07 at 09.54.20.png
I have created the same double page spread although this time I have added a different image to create the feel I wanted for my final, I have chosen this image as I felt it reflected how it felt to be a mod more, The man looks as if he feels cool and stylish whilst he is in very smart clothes and sunglasses he does look young and I feel this is a lot more clear message for mods.I have also made an adjustment to the title and have made the M white. I feel this is appropriate as it gives a more of an easy read.I also like this image as the man in the picture looks as if he is looking into the page, he almost looks as if he is reading the title which is very good as it subconsciously targets are concentration. Screen Shot 2015-12-07 at 09.54.32.png

I created this DPS using the same image (as I felt it was effective) to demonstrate. I created almost a pattern like feel with the target symbol and added it to the edges, Although I like the effect it gives I feel it is to busy and distracts away from my main text body.

Screen Shot 2015-12-07 at 09.55.02.png

I created this one still using the colours and shapes to demonstrate the main element I wanted to show which was target symbol,I did this but with dots instead of lines although I feel like this does not demonstrate the usual symbol which means it would not signify what I wanted.
I also have tried to use the same image as the first one but really am not very keen on this image,I don’t think I will use this image again and it is very confusing I feel and does not demonstrate what I would like it too.

Screen Shot 2015-12-04 at 20.21.40.png

Screen Shot 2015-12-04 at 21.53.20.png
I then did this one but I do not think this works at all, firstly because there is an image and a symbol over the crease which will not be very helpful as it will crease the work on top creating a warped look and this will not work,I like the image above although I can’t not find a high enough quality image for this.

Mock Up Covers ..

Screen Shot 2015-12-11 at 01.12.31.pngThis was my first idea including an illustration, Im not to keen myself as its not a style of design I feel suits create review very well,It looks like as old illustration and my idea was to create something new and innovative to represent mods in a new way for people to understand.

Screen Shot 2015-12-11 at 01.12.40.png
This was my 2nd Idea and again I still felt I could do a lot better, from feedback I gained I gathered that this signified skinheads instead of my mod theme which was a complete problem with the communication of the piece.

Screen Shot 2015-12-11 at 01.12.22.png

I felt this idea works an awful lot better as the colours present a signifier with the colours that would give you thought of mods and also the circular shape gives the same feel, I do prefer the image believe that it connotes mods a lot clearer that anything else, Im happy with the image although I feel the design is too plain and again does not suit creative review.Screen Shot 2015-12-11 at 01.12.10.png

For this idea I went simple and used the colour from the tie to create the title, this is a very simple image but I feel I would need to include bit more to signify mods clearer. maybe some redundant elements just to give something obvious that screams mods.Screen Shot 2015-12-11 at 01.12.01.png
I feel this idea is very effective I like how the imagery peers through the lettering as this includes the artwork into the logo and I also this the small target image makes a nice different, breaks up the dark colours slightly and also adds a signifier for mods to the audience.Final Ready to print 5
This is the developed version of the last one I did which I think is really effective and will communicate very clearly.

Thumbnails for DPS

Screen Shot 2015-12-09 at 11.31.20.png
This is the thumbnails I created by divergent thinking, I came up with a lot of ideas a few of which I will create digitally,I think there is a lot of good Ideas here, really I will just be placing different images around the page along with strategically placing text and images and see whats effective, I would also like to include a signifier for the mods as this will make it more easily communicated.