Upon visiting the design museum I was inspired by the “disclosed” exhibit, Disclosed presents an app and website where by the power is given to the audience to make informed decisions of how they shop, it is personalised by giving you options to prioritise what is important to the individual. I felt this idea was clever design as it was very well branded and also gave a sense of making a small change instead of something large and intimidating to the audience.
Having thought divergently about 100 ideas for the project I came to an idea of selling seeds with produce to educate and inform people about the produce whilst also giving back, I felt this was not a great idea as it would be very limited, people would buy the produce (and seeds) plant the seeds and produce there own fruit meaning this would skip the fruit market out all together therefore meaning this product would not have an awful lot of turn over.
After doing research I came to find that with the building industry on a fast increase and less people we are losing space to grow flowers, trees, bushes and natural greenary.
Not only is this an issue for us as humans because it produces oxygen and helps to absorb some C02 it also means that if we carry on we will not be able to have access to fresh vegetables,fruit, flowers and honey.I felt that honey is a well-known and well-loved product and I felt this would suit well with the sustainability of the project as I could create a cycle, After doing some research I had the idea of having a plantable label that grows wild flowers. You buy the honey from your local shop,plant the label and this would create flowers to help with pollination which in sequence would help to produce more honey therefore sending it in a full circle to create a sustainable product for consumers. I felt this could be made into a piece of experience design, I wanted to work out how I could enhance this element by developing my product.After doing some journey mapping by creating some personas I realised that a good way to do this was to enable people to interact with there smart phones from home, this gives the idea a personal and interactive feel.I decided to design an app and website to demonstrate how people could download there images and leave a message about it.
Having looked at signifiers and signifying colours for bees,honey and flowers I used a honeycomb shape and a yellow and grey theme to connote the bees and also the bright colours to connote spring and flowers. The honeycomb shape gives connotations towards what has happened before the honey has hit the consumers table, this is something I intent on having when it came to my finals as I didn’t just want a cute picture of a bee to catch peoples attention I wanted something that educated the audience and made them think.
I felt using this idea I could create a effective final piece with some clean design, deeply considered communication and targeting the right audience.
I feel I have done this successfully with my final designs, I feel I have achieved clear and simple designs that will be well communicated.I am very happy with my final pieces, if I was to do this project again I feel I would take more time in photographing my final piece so I could put and clear and neat image onto my final design solutions board to show the product more effectively that just having the labels show cased but as this was a conceptual project I felt this would still be effective so I feel this will be acceptable for know.

Honey Jar



I created my board using a simple arrangement of coloured shapes in the corner of each page, I felt this tied all the pages together nicely and gave a feel for the honey theme. I did slightly different designs to suit each theme of my boards.The first one gives the background information of my project. Using a title of the same font and pt size and also a small strap line to tell the information needed.

Screen Shot 2016-02-08 at 11.38.43

This is my first PDF research board, This shows the research I had done at the design museum,I took small detailed images to insure I focused on the small pieces that inspired me personally.I felt this was a very personal research so I felt I had to write something regarding this to make other people understand.
Screen Shot 2016-02-08 at 11.39.01
This is a board based on the research I did regarding my audience and who I might be targeting the piece towards, again I felt this needed some explanation as too look at did not make an awful lot of sense, experience design is something that I really want to include into my final as I felt this is a strong design device to get people to memorise.
Screen Shot 2016-02-08 at 11.39.09This shows some rough sketches and a mind map to demonstrate the processes I went through from bringing my work from divergent to convergent and going from concept and hand drawn to professional and digital outcomes, this also connotes to colours I tried and the image of my brand, I felt this did not need any type as it stands alone to show the process and I think reading from left to right you can see how the process went for me.
I feel this helped to show that I was thorough in my process of choosing logos and names, this was an important element of my project as I wanted my brand to communicate the message clearly.
Screen Shot 2016-02-08 at 11.39.17This board show cases my final design solutions. Mock ups of my app and website and the designs for my label, I would have liked to finish this will an image or mock up of my actual honey jar with the labels on but the images did not look right as they were not the right angle etc although I will include these into my blog posts.
I wanted to keep this looking clean, smart and simple.Screen Shot 2016-02-08 at 11.40.26

App and Webpage.. How will it communicate ?

To create the mockup for my app and webpage I started of by finding lots of images of gardens and wild flowers that would grow in England and that I knew was in my paper (daisy’s, cornflowers, thistles etc.
I added these on based of the lay out of Instagram including boxes where buy people could anonymously or with a name showcase there pictures and gain a discount of there next jar of honey, they will input an email address therefore sending promos and competitions all to do with the flowers they are growing to again make this more interactive for the consumer.I want to keep it clear and simple but with the normal logo and branding colours, shapes and text to keep a solid brand image.This would mean the focus was on the people involved and the ideology and help behind the project not focused on flamboyant interesting design.
Screen Shot 2016-02-07 at 23.31.36.png

I added a large hexagon shape at the top of the page pointing towards the imagery again to draw the eyes to the correct focal point.
I carried the same theme through both creating this on illustrator and the grabbing generic pictures of modern devices online and place them onto it to give and real life feel to the concept and show how it would work in industry.
I decided that I would have the button as part of the main block with the images as I felt this also makes you feel like you are one of a movement, I felt if it skipped to a page to put a lot details in it seems like a large effort and this would turn people of it, I want it to feel simple and personalised not threatening or over whelming for the user.
I did the app in the same way to make it easily accessible for the audience as shown.
app for blog.jpg

Making my labels..

I chose to use illustrator to make my labels this is because I had to create small pieces of icon based graphics in, I will place it into indesign after to print as some of the work will need to be double sided. I started but creating my back label as this is the most icon and information heavy.I did this by creating small icons with the pen tool to demonstrate different information such as the recycling sign using the green to convey the message more clearly. I included the vegetarian sign and also all of the kcal values etc.
I wanted to still make these well designed and have smooth edges where I can. I decided I wanted to keep this lighthearted so I added some colloquial phrases the back using the same font as the rest of my design to keep it cohesive with everything else, Still using the 66% opacity that I used in my logo to insure that everything was along the same colour scheme.


I then added the G weight of the product as I measured it in the process.I have added a small set of geometric hexagon shapes in the branded colours to give the message I wanted about the production of the honey, This is something I will add where possible to firstly put the theme at the for front of the audiences mind but also to keep everything very much branded all together.I have also used the term, “ps plant me as well” I felt this gave a personable feel and also informed the customer to plant all the labels therefore insuring the product has had its full potential.I would have liked to have the weight in the same 66% grey as the others although to follow the food health guideline it all have to be the same, black.Screen Shot 2016-02-07 at 23.05.31.png
I then went on the use the same skills to create a front label. I made the addition of a script font, I felt this fitted well with the soft theme and also breaks up the graphic slightly and draws attention to the right pieces, its draws you eye to what the product actually is. I then added the information, I want this to seem almost poetic to give of that positive feeling all round.I then added the same colour scheme and shape arrangements to keep the piece as one and follow a recognisable brand image.Screen Shot 2016-02-07 at 23.08.59.png

I created a simple back for this label to demonstrate the ID number that people would need to input when they post there images on the webpages and app. This also includes a promotion that people can receive upon inputing a valid ID number for there next jar of honey to keep up with the idea I had of creating an incentive for the sales of the honey therefore more people growing the flowers.Using the same script font for the quotation at the bottom and using a clear and easily read numerical font for the ID number to make it clear and easy to read.
Screen Shot 2016-02-07 at 23.21.27.png

This label includes with my interactive and modern feel by including a QR code that would send you straight to either the website of the free Api Bees app on App Store/Android apps to be able to download it with easy access.
Screen Shot 2016-02-07 at 23.20.37.png
I again included the colours and shapes to keep everything very cohesive and clear.

Development ~ Packaging ~ Communication on shelf

After much research and making a decition that I wanted to use glass jars as my packaging for the honey I went shopping in search of the perfect honey jar I found some very interesting and lovely ones that I felt would communicate nicely to the audience although felt it had to be perfect,This is the first thing my consumer will see when looking at my product.

These are the jars I chose out and that I would choose from.
Screen Shot 2016-02-07 at 17.40.14

The Kilner lid fits on all of the jars. I felt that the jar on the top right was far to big and was an unlikely size for the average consumer, I also felt this would not communicate how I wanted it too as it would look bulky and large although on the other hand this could work well as we have a perception that being sustainable means we need to cut back and this might be a nice juxtaposition to this ideology. The one on the bottom right had far to much detail and I felt this would distract attention although thinking deeply this might also be a good thing and I would only need to include a small tag around the neck of the jar to demonstrate and this would only use a small amount of paper.
The one on the bottom left hand corner was plastic and is likely to be thrown away after one use and I did not feel this was sustainable, This made me think that it might be a clever idea to have a look at something that has another use after the honey that has been eaten, I started to look at jars that had handles on them, this gave the incentive for the jar to be used over and over again and I feel this is also an incentive to buy the honey to get more jars, This is the jar I then chose.
I also feel the lid of this jar gives an opportunity to place design in the top circle as it has a detonable ring on it.Screen Shot 2016-02-07 at 17.40.01I felt this was the best when it came to thinking about the wider use of the product as it has a sealing inside edge of the bottle therefore keeping everything completely sealed in and sanitery and this is something that would need to be considered for commercial sale.

I started to take measurements of the jar so that I could start working on my labels for it, I wanted a large label for the top, A label for the front and small label for the back to demonstrate small details that would need to be on food packaging (ingredients, warning, information etc).

Screen Shot 2016-02-07 at 17.40.25
I then looked at my jar next to a honey jar on the market at the moment to see if there was anything I may have missed, This made me realise that my jar is quite a lot taller but then I think it is quite a lot thinner and after weighing honey into the jar the contents was just over the average honey jar so I felt this working well.

Screen Shot 2016-02-07 at 17.40.35

Journey Mapping.

Journey Mapping is a technique where by you further a persona from your list by mapping out the journey that your product or service would create for the individual, I did this for tracy as I felt she was the most ideal for my project and I wanted to work out how it would be better for these people,I wanted to demonstrate how my product will ideally be effecting people, as shown below this is how I feel my piece should communicate and I have tried to adjust a couple of things and include QR codes etc to make this process as successful as possible.I have also from this realised I needed to include something further to insure the cycle does not end at the flowers growing, I have furthered the idea to having a webpage and app to include a different audience and also to insure I am keeping up with the standard of modern technology.
This journey map shows how I ideally want my piece to take the consumer on a journey.Screen Shot 2016-02-04 at 21.50.06.png

My concept In 500…

Upon visiting the design museum I was inspired by the “disclosed” exhibit, Disclosed presents an app and website where by the power is given to the audience to make informed decisions of how they shop, it is personalised by giving you options to prioritise what is important to the individual. I felt this idea was clever design as it was very well branded and also gave a sense of making a small change.

This provoked me to think about what being a consumer meant to people and how I could assist with this and find a sustainable process that could educate audiences therefore making them understand the damage we do during the process of making and consumption. I wanted to make a small yet recognisable change that made people feel like they were helping therefore promoting this feeling to wider audiences. I have decided to do this by tackling the issue of bee extinction. With buildings towering up and architecture a fast growing industry meaning we limit the ground available to let wild flowers, trees and bushes grow therefore giving bees, hummingbirds and butterflies nothing to pollinate. This has prompted me to create a project that uses people’s everyday shopping habits to inspire them to grow flowers and help with this issue.  This spawned the idea that I will create a product the packaging of which we can plant.  I started to think about how I could approach this and bring it to the average consumer.  I then had a light bulb moment about something that is well-known, widely used and very a loved product, Honey.

You buy a jar of honey from your local farm shop or supermarket, peel the label off, wait till spring and plant the label and then let the flowers do their thing therefore starting off the cycle again, after researching into the audience of my concept I decided I would also try to make this an more interactive experience for the consumer by designing social media pages and a web page/app to enable people to post pictures of how they have been creative with the flowers.  I can run competitions and promotions and keep people updated to create interest and inspiration to keep going and keep helping.  I will also be placing a code number on the back of each label that people will be instructed to input when they post the picture to receive a discount for their next jar of honey.  The name Api Bees was inspired by the Latin word for bees “Apis”.

It is also a play on words and in my opinion quite catchy and recognisable.  I feel this gives a positive and approachable brand image.
I felt this was something I could achieve with good design and clever innovation, carefully considering my audience and making an effort to make my piece interactive and provoke a positive attitude and a feeling of fulfilment from helping the environment and giving back to the earth.