As soon as we got this brief I knew I wanted to create something very visual, Further more deciding what approach I would take I started to think about things and symbols that are international I started to think about numbers and distances and symbols, These are all things that are very international and people of all nationalities would understand.

From distances it got me thinking about maps.. I decided I would create some sort of illustration of each fruit and then illustrate small maps of each country to pin point the journey that the fruit has taken, I could even include distance in miles travelled to the factory. I would do a small factory illustration to have something to make the final feel interactive, As if they are part of the campaign, Or possibly a little illustration of the worker.

Screen Shot 2016-11-28 at 21.29.41.png

This idea then developed, To make it even more simple and clear I decided I would have the map background as a map of the world and have lines that link back to the factory.
I would still include some illustrations of the factory and fruit but have it with a different layout.

Screen Shot 2016-11-28 at 21.31.58.png

(This Idea is not specific to places and fruit, I will work this one after I have peformed some research to insure my facts are correct)

I think this idea will make for a clear and inclusive final mainly because I gathered from my previous research that a map is something that anyone can understand so feel this would be a more visual way of showing this.



After meeting with the client for feedback after the presentations were over we gathered that he really liked the idea of the “Journey” and making the workers feel as if they were part of a link in a chain.
He also was very keen on the style of illustration that was shown in our presentation, the reason I liked this style of illustration was because it felt very “human” and I feel this counteracts the environment that we had seen when we visited the factory as its very clinical and corporate there, Having chosen illustration as my option for the project this is something I will have to consider.
I think personally the best route to go down with this project is to insure that I am trying evoke a sense of pride or care in there job there fore insure people will not waste rather than feel forced or guilty.
I want to make this a really positive campaign as I feel even though the working facilities at this particular factory are fine it would always be nice to have something positive and fun in the work place to look at or be part of.
I am looking forward to getting started with this project.. I will start with research and then go on to pulling some ideas together and creating a final ready to present to the client.


When we were presenting to our client we did this as a group but the notes below are what we explained to the client in short on each slide.

On this slide we introduced the project and why we have called it “Pride In The Process” and went to explain how beneficial the visit was to the factory and what we gained from it.

Screen Shot 2016-11-21 at 14.11.30.png

We then explained how we have come up with the name pride in the process and what we were talking about when we said “process”.

Screen Shot 2016-11-21 at 14.11.37.png

We explained how we had thought divergently and how we got the ideas and why we had chosen the tone of voice and attitude and what we wanted our result to be with the workers.

Screen Shot 2016-11-21 at 14.11.49.png

This our first design idea visual, Speaking about the fruit going into the factory and some fruit “graduating” and some being “rejects”.

Screen Shot 2016-11-21 at 14.11.56.png

We then showed some other ideas to show that we had thought broadly about this and showed a variety of different styles and approaches to see which one had the best reaction.

Screen Shot 2016-11-21 at 14.12.04.png

We then showed our final ending point and how we decided upon what we would pitch as our idea, This idea was the best for the brief as there was no type involved and it was a simple clear message with a friendly yet corporate professional feel.

Screen Shot 2016-11-21 at 14.12.15.png

We then decided to show some digital ideas so that I client could understand how it would work when it was a finished project, We made sure to stress that the was only a mock up to illustrate our ideas.

Screen Shot 2016-11-21 at 14.12.22.png


In our groups we were told we should come up with a campaign idea we would then pitch this to the client who is the manager at the factory and he would decide what lines he would like to go down, We would then be responsible for going of individually and tying this in with our project option so mine would be photography.

I was put in a group with James, Dan, Sarah, Ed, Luke & Connor.

Something I suggested and we were all in agreement with was the fact that we need to keep it as visual as possible as we want everyone to feel included in the campaign.

We starting to brainstorm a few ideas to get a feel for what we might want to call our campaign and how we would go about it.

We looked into different techniques of getting our message across to our audience as this is the most important thing with a campaign that the message is spread in the correct way.

We looked into K.I.S.S “keep it simple, stupid” this is a tool where by you insure that nothing in the finals you produce are misinterpreted,This technique is wear you create your artwork with the thought that the audience are stupid and would have no idea what you were talking about, although this is not the case it is best in design not to make assumptions.

We also decided to consider the TONE OF VOICE, In my opinion this is the most important consideration when it comes to a campaign as it will ultimately make the decision as to weather someone will engage or not and this is what makes a successful campaign or not.
We had a bit of  a debate in our group as there was some people thinking that it may be an idea to make the workers feel guilty therefore insuring they change the way they think, After much debate we decided this was not a good idea, we as a group managed to agreed upon having a different tone of voice to this and going for something more polite, encouraging and NOT condescending.
Our PRIMARY idea was to empower the workers, Try to get them to take pride in the work rather than incentives.
We started to think about how we were going to illustrate this in a visual campaign.
We decided we wanted to illustrate the VALUE of the fruit, As when we met with the client (operations manager at the factory) he was saying how he tries to highlight to the workers the importance of the waste by making it visual and showing what the money they lose on waste could buy them in a year, month and day.. I did feel this was a good way of doing it but considering these people aren’t on huge wages this may not mean anything in there life so I feel it may be better to try to change the attitude to it in a general sense.
Something we also have to consider is that there a lot of different languages spoken in the factory so we would have to use minimal type and a lot of universally under stable symbols.
We wants to provoke the emotions of Pride, Care and Professionalism in there work.

Screen Shot 2016-11-21 at 10.02.03.png

We started to think about visuals and how we could do this for our presentation to the client.This shows a time


We were lucky to be chosen among a few others to visit the factory.Upon arriving it was not actually as big as I thought, The first thing we realised is there was already some graphics dotted around, On the right hand side on the gate there is some instructions for where delivery people should go and there is also some safety information about, From the little amount of information graphics that are around are not particularly colourful or visually interesting, This is something to consider as before the workers have even got into work it is already very dark and not the most encouraging or uplifting.

When we got into the factory we were shown a presentation by the site manager who explained how much waste there was, As not everyone was able to attend the factory we had to show a presentation that gave the rest of our peers working on the project.

This is our slides and notes from the presentation…

Dress Code – Health & Safety 

It became apparent as soon as we arrived at the factory that something we would need to consider would be the health and safety, As soon as we got there it they were very specific about the factory cleanliness, Anyone that entered the factory floor The workers, Managers and visitors had to cover all clothes that had been worth outside with overalls and had to wear hair nets and beard nets in some cases.
We had to wear gloves and shoes covers, They were even specific down to taking our shoes of one side of the bench and swinging our legs over, This is so that your feet don’t touch the floor where outside germs have been, In high risk areas there was red jackets, two hair nets, wellie boots rather than shoe covers.

Screen Shot 2016-11-14 at 20.10.56.png


When we then made our way into the factory it became very apparent that the fruit definitely had a lot more value than you would initially think, There is a lot of it and I think when you see you think it wouldn’t matter, The manager was explaining how one punnet of the blueberries would be worth £70, There was such a vast amount that it would not feel as valuable, This brought it to attention, This is something we really need to emphasise is the value go the fruit.The machinery was also something that came to our attention it became clear that this was one of the variables that could not be changed so something to focus more on attitude and approaching the workers.
Screen Shot 2016-11-14 at 20.11.07.png

General Height – Pace

The conniver belts is mostly were you will find the workers, These were very low, The whole of the factory tables etc are about waste height and this is something that pulled our attention, We will need to insure that our designs and placement reflect this. Also the pace of the factory is very fast, It is almost completely silent, No chatting all you can really hear is the machines, this is because it is very fast paced and the workers just get the job done.
Screen Shot 2016-11-14 at 20.11.18.png


Something we feel is really important to stress is that the people working at the factory are already extremely restricted by the retailers they provide for.
They have very specific guidelines of what is cut off and left on, how soft or hard the fruit is, exactly how much it weights, the order in which the fruit is placed into the pots and on top of this still having to insure that there health and safety is exactly right. This leads us to the next point and shows how the workers can help.

Screen Shot 2016-11-14 at 20.11.29.png


Now obviously this is mainly where we will play our part in the issue and how we can help solve it, As you can see there are strawberries that are completely ruled out, That they will never ever be able to use! This is because the retailers take control of this, They decide how what will make it into the pots and what will not but something we can help is the waste of  not cutting to much off the strawberries, insuring that the slices of apple and pear are cut correctly so they can be used, Insuring everything is placed into machines properly so essentially this is what we need to be motivating the workers to do with our campaign.

Screen Shot 2016-11-14 at 20.11.39.png

Stacking and Fruit Care

The stacking situation at the factory on the day looked fine but the manager mentioned that a lot of the time the boxes not being stacked correctly can bruise and break fruit making it unable to be used, This is again something we will need to instill in the workers with our campaign as truly this could just be classed a laziness so we need to make our campaign motivating to get this to change.

Screen Shot 2016-11-14 at 20.11.49.png


When we got over to the packaging station would be one of the last stages of the fruits journey round the factory we realised that this is can actually be were some of the waste happens which you would not expect, Even after all the work of the other factory workers some of the workers would put the boxes on the machinary wrong and this would make the box of fruit fall off the machine meaning it can not be used, again this is something our campaign can consider trying to help.

Screen Shot 2016-11-14 at 20.12.30.png


The only existing infographic we could find was this one about cleanliness in the workplace, Although this is a goo infographic that includes a lot of photography which is good because there is a lot of foreign workers who don’t speak very good english so it would still help them something I noticed was it took me quite a while to notice it was there, It is very high up and also not partularly colourful, It blended into the wall quite a lot so it was hard to notice, this is something we could consider.
There is also a lot of blank walls around the changing area, This may be a good place to display our designs as this would be one of the first things they see in the morning.

Screen Shot 2016-11-14 at 20.12.41.png


lastly something I noticed greatly was that the workers are constantly looking down.. Would a poster on the wall be the best option for something where this is always the case… I think this is definitely a point to consider in our groups.

Screen Shot 2016-11-14 at 20.12.52.png


We have been asked for our first options project to incorporate our option (photography) into our new brief.

Our new brief is to create and design a campaign to cut down waste at a local fruit factory that prepare fruit for lots of large retailers.

The first things we started to consider before we visited the factory was…


After speaking to our tutor we have established that our audience is the workers.We are trying to make them more conscious when it comes to dropping strawberries & grapes etc.
We will be having a visit to the fruit factory to watch the process but we are not aloud to have the whole class there so whoever gets chosen will present some pictures to the rest of the class.


We will go to the factory with an open mind and see what we feel, I want to insure that I establish the best way to advertise it to the workers there and try to work out how it might be to work there.


Something I have already started to consider is that the workers are probably not in there dream job, They are probably on minimum wage and I wouldn’t guess it would be the best job to work in. I can imagine its going to difficult to motivate people in that sort of job to feel positive about there job and take pride in there work.

Illustration or Photography ~ Options


By the end of this module, students will have:

  1. Developed an understanding of different historical approaches to photography and the historical and cultural debates relevant to the medium.
  2. Explored concepts within visual culture in general and related these concepts to photography and examined a range of photographic genres.
  3. Developed a knowledge of technological developments in photography. 
  4. Created practical work relating to various concepts and genres of photography.
  5. Developed their skills of visual, written and oral communication.


By the end of this module, students will have:

  1. Critically explored the role of general and specific research to inform an illustrative solution in relation to a given brief.
  2. Produced one or more research journal containing both visual and verbal material that evaluates and analyses the student’s illustrative processes and developing illustrative techniques.
  3. Produced a series of research journals containing both visual and verbal material that has been critically evaluated and analysed in relation to the student’s illustrative practical and creative techniques and processes.
  4. Demonstrated via research journals and final pieces an awareness of visually communicating to a specific audience or illustrative category. 


    I have decided after getting the new breif that I will be continuing with illustration, I will do this because I think it is more human for the factory project and will attract attention for the campaign, I just think it shows a different type of campaign, Although I understand that the next project may not fit as well as this on this brief but I really want to challenge myself to create a variation of pieces for my portfolio and also to broaden my skills and knowledge in the general area of photography.