Brand Guidelines

I have created brand guide for this not only so that I can insure I have the colours,versions and typefaces listed somewhere but it also means that if I have to hand my work over to another designer then I know that they will have all the correct devices to just pass this across and they can do as they will with it. I am pleased with this and it does the job it needs to do.Screen Shot 2017-02-22 at 15.37.26.png



For this project I feel it was going to go one of two ways – They were either going to want something very typically “girly” with a script front or they were going to want something more modern and simplistic to go with the logo.

I personally think because they are trying to target a more youthful audience I would like to personally use a more minimalist typeface. One of the ladies mentions she thought it might be good to have the strap line and name around the outside in a circle – Although this was a good idea but it is not feasible for this project due to the fact there will be times when this needs to be small on a letterhead and business card and its just too much type for a logo so I provided them with an option with just the name in the circle shape underneath which I think works nicely. They where really pleased with number 5 and this is what they chose for the final logo.
I am pleased with this and think it is suiting.

Screen Shot 2017-02-22 at 15.20.10.png


After sending proofs to the client she suggested that she would like to see something more block to show the colours more brightly as this is something she was definitely looking for – She wants it to be super bright and vibrant.

I did this by filling in the middle section of the wings.

I also added a bit of the wing inside as well to give the more translucent feel like normal butterfly wings and to also give connotations of the delicate feminine feel for the event.

I then added a gradient to the inside part of the wings to give that translucent feel even further and also reflecting on my research where I found some really nice logos with different grades of one colour in.

Ania was happy with this so all we have to choose was the typography.

Screen Shot 2017-02-22 at 15.06.58.png


I started the logo of by just creating a really simple wing design like number 1 – I added some lines to give more movement – I added some different textures and tried to add some different background although I think it needs to include the orange and blue in one idea to so that it used both of the colours the client liked.

Screen Shot 2017-02-22 at 14.41.05.png

I took the idea and used the outline effect more than the circles – I think this looks more modern and works better. I added some different opacitys and also the other wings behind to give the sense of movement with I think works well.


Screen Shot 2017-02-22 at 14.44.42.png

I did not think it was a good idea to sent the client too many ideas as it can be overwhelming so I decided to choose one from every variation so I chose one with rounded and one with points and then did some different variations of colours and ones with and without the wings behind.

Screen Shot 2017-02-22 at 14.20.58.png



The meeting we had today was held at YoYo design agency where we met with Louisa and Harriet who work at YoYo and also Ania and Traci who are in charge of running the event – The event is called “Women Work” The strap line is “Empower Women, Mothers, Daughters & The Men Who Support Them”.

Initially I kept very quiet as I just wanted to get an idea of the way they were going with the event and what had already been arranged etc.

It unravelled that actually this is already something that has taken a lot of hard work and dedication by the ladies running it, Most of the speakers and workshops had already been arranged although they explained there was still a few people they were trying to get involved.

I then tried to move the convocation onto the strap line – As soon as this was mentioned it brought up a possible problem for me as a designer. This is a much longer strap line than most designers would like to work with – Although it is possible to work this I wanted to make the client aware of this so that we were still at a point where by they might be able to think more about it at this stage.

As soon as I showed them the sketches they pointed out the problem that I saw in the first place about the cocoon design being too detailed for there purpose although they did point out that it was very nice and I should do this for something else in my portfolio.

Traci explained she really related with the butterfly logo and thought that it worked really well to express the ethos and meaning of the event, Ania pointed out this sketch and said she loved the way it showed a heart in the wings – This must have been subliminal for me as this is not something I initially noticed about this but it was a happy coincidence I suppose.

I think I was very lucky – This is not a usual design situation.

The client chose the sketch and said we will go with this one.

It is not very often that a client just falls in love with your idea and chooses one of the colours and just goes with it.

We also covered what my responsibilities would be and I listed them so I could work through as I go :-

– Logo and branding
– Flyers/Leaflets for the event
– Posters and advertising for the event
– Social media designs

I was happy to do this and am quite excited to get started.

I am really pleased they are happy with the designs


This is what I am going to be bringing to the meeting with me – I will bring my IPAD with some colour swatches of the colours they liked and also some of my other previous work so they can get an idea for the styles of design I am capable of.

Screen Shot 2017-02-21 at 19.01.45.png

And also my sketches so that they can see the sort of logo I am thinking off and my initial ideas.
This was my first idea for the logo – I got this idea from the silhouette symbols I found.I then added some hair to give that feminine feel – This idea also came from freedom – My idea was a women breaking from a cocoon as I felt this expressed the freedom and journey sections of the brief – I actually think this would be really effective although reflecting on my research into other branding I think something more simple might be more effective especially when you think about the ephemera that logos for events has to go on – It will need to be  a lot simple to be effective.
Screen Shot 2017-02-21 at 19.02.00.png

I then simplified the idea a lot to come up with the some super simple butterfly ideas as I feel this is slightly more unique – It will work better for this I feel.
I have got lots and lots of ideas and I do not want to over whelm the client with ideas as this sometimes makes things even harder so I think I will just show a few ideas to my client and get there opinion.

Screen Shot 2016-10-17 at 13.19.33.png

Branding Inspiration

I have looked into some inspirational branding that I find really effective and interesting – I first typed in the tags Women and Branding and also modern.

I need to speak to my client to get an idea of what they would like but I think as they mentioned the word youth in there initial ideas I think that they are trying to capture the attention of the audience they are looking to target towards but I think it is best to start of simple to get an idea of the initial stages of the logo with the client.

I think this is a really interesting and classy logo – It is very modern and works really nicely  – I think something like this would be a bit too subtle for this sort of event. I think we need something more bright but a soft and delicate symbol as I think some of the speakers and stories at the event will be slightly sensitive judging by the information I have at the moment.

Screen Shot 2017-02-21 at 19.04.22.png

I think something with more of an Icon such as the idea of the lotus etc will work nicely for this subject and I also really like the simple smooth feel of this one below and also think the overall shape will work better with a strapline or name of company below whereas the more straight and thin logo is difficult to place a streamline underneath without it looking slight unbalanced where as the one below works nicely to compliment the name typography and the logo together.

Screen Shot 2017-02-21 at 19.04.29.png

These logos are really interesting and I think these work really cleverly – They use gradients and different grades of the colours to add slightly more 3D effects – I love this and think it works really nicely throughout all these logos.