In my visit to herne bay I experimented a lot with lots of different photography techniques. I took a few long shots with lots of space as I thought this represented clear thinking and breathing techniques really well although it was a bit of a glum day I can use techniques in photoshop to brighten the photography up a little. I tried to represent lots of different photography techniques such as long and close up shots although used depth of field to get some interesting effects such as the image in of the rocks, You would usually have the closest image in focus but I made the close rocks out of focus and had the background more in focus which I thought was an interesting effect.
I tried to represent different elements of my trip I have done one picture of my dog which for some people is quite therapeutic although I am not sure it suits my theme.

I am actually very fond of the effect of the feet in the image as it does exactly what I wanted – I think it adds personality and presence to the imagery. My next stage will be to select some images and edit the imagery how I want them.


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