David Hockney Inspo

I am a huge fan of David Hockney Collages and think that they are really impressive and effective. I just think they have a certain character and feel about them but for this project one inspired me in particular.

Although I do not want to use collage for this particular project I really love a very small detail about this college. If you notice at the bottom of the collage David had made a design decision to include his feet into the artwork. I am not sure why I like this so much but I just think it gives a real sense of presence to the piece which I think suits the theme of mindfulness really well. I think that having the feet or a person in the image personalises it and gives me the sense that I wanted to communicate with this piece which is sort of being aware of yourself which I think this does… I thought this effect was really interesting therefore I tried to look and see if this had been done with any other artists.

David Hockney .jpg
After a lot of research I was unable to find anything similar so I have been planning my trip to insure that I get all the photography I need….


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