I started looking into some post cards that I found effective and why I thought they worked for the purpose. Focusing my research on postcards that included phoography.

These where the first post cards I came across which in my opnion I did not think where very effective although I took inspiration from the layered effect and felt this worked really nicely for this project and made for a bright and interesting piece.


I actually don’t usually like black and white photography in design with coloured type and shapes etc but I do like the layered effect of where you can see through effect to show the imagery behind.

This example of some photography based postcards shows a more abstract way of demonstrating photography, all though I really like the background image with the boarder round on the final image as you can see the whole image and it makes for a clear and striking message. I think that these work really effectively together although for my pieces I think it would be nice to have something with a more subtle different rather than them being cohesive but very different – I definitely want to take inspiration from these postcards and have a running theme throughout all of the postcards whether this be typeface choice, Imagery style or even just layout I would like them to work nicely as a package.


I think that these postcards are very interesting and look very clean and intriguing. I like the idea of having a photograph that is very abstract and that you have to look a bit to understand what it is. I think the pattern work of the back imagery is very effective and works well to create interest into the piece. I think this could be a good way of incorporating my theme into my postcards as this is exactly what mindfulness is about, The act of seeing things you would not ordinarily focusing on so maybe I could use this technique to encourage people to appreciate and look for these smaller details.


I love these postcard designs cleanliness and also this that the type works really effectively in the space of the image with only 2 points of focus on the page and using the sky as a background I think this is a technique I could adopt for my pieces. As I have not completed my photography yet I could strategise this by insuring that the images has some sort of empty or flat space in order to use typography throughout.



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