Finals – Mock Ups

These are my final mock-ups for the summer spread designs. I decided this was the best way to see it as a real life product and it actually works really nicely in my opinion.
The only problem with doing it this way was that I had to have the spreads slightly further over as the angle of the image would hide some of the text in the guttering, This is something I considered for the real spreads and did take into consideration a guttering measurement but the gutter for this hides a lot more than it does in the prints but…

Screen Shot 2017-05-31 at 14.58.31.png

This is my first spread that I created about Thailand with my own photography from my travels this summer.
I thought that this spread was interesting and information and I think although it included a lot of information and in my opinion still think it looks clean and the photography is still at the for front of the design.
One I had chosen the typefaces etc I knew that this would need to be something I transfer


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