Reflecting on my branding design I was really happy with the outcomes. I thought it looked really clean and suited the brand well.This client decided to give us a spoken brief rather than a writen one therefore I took lots of notes which helped me to reflect on aspects of what he had said. I picked up on the fact that a prominant part of his requiments was that he wanted to include 3 attributes from the students going onto the course which were curiosity, resilience and tenacity, The brief also included the logo being appealling to not only the families and the students that would be enrolling but also so that it could appeal to the corporate market that they would be trying to bring on board for apprentiships etc. This is something I wanted to give a strong consideration for when designing the logo as although there was a need for something modern and unique it needed to be corporate and professional and very clear. I looked into a lot of corporate logos as my research to help me decipher what looked professional and effective for this purpose. Once I had completed the design of an icon that I was happy with I decided to focus on the development of a typeface, I did this by showing the logo with many different typefaces and looking at which one I preferred. I chose the typeface I have used for the final logo due to the fact it was clear, legible and suiting the purpose of the logo. I also felt it balanced the logo nicely where as something to long of too thin would have been unbalanced with the thick and geometric shapes used to create the logo.

d although Screen Shot 2017-05-30 at 12.59.59.png


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