This spread willl be based upon my trip to the South Of France… I think this is a hot destination for middle class families and think it would be really interesting to have something closer to home and more affordable in the issue.
I wanted this final one to be really simplistic as I wanted to use a more detailed image.

I sorted through the images  I had from my trip and refined to the images below to choose one that I would prefer for this spread and that could work really nicely in all areas.

The image I liked the most is the image with the lavander colours bench, For me this represents france and the rustic, pretty little towns.

I did try to use this image but wanted an image where the text could be layed over.

This was my first attempt at doing that.

As you can see I tried this in a few different variations in different spaces but the problem was with this image the colours are too contrasting, There is a lot of dark and light colours near to eachother so none of the colours I attempted worked – I tried making this black and white but with no luck. Screen Shot 2017-05-29 at 20.04.19.png

This actually helped with the visibility of the type – I am using the same typefaces as my other spreads as I want them to be very uniform as a series of spreads.

Although I liked the way this looked I was not too pleased with the way everything sits, I wanted a bit more of an interesting image.

The South Of France .jpg

I chose to use this image as it had brilliant depth and would work really nicely for the final spread. I decided as it was something I had not done with the other images that I wanted to include an image across both pages of the spread.

I utilised the bottom, green, folage part of the image to place white text as it was dark enough to do so.

Screen Shot 2017-05-29 at 20.14.17.png
I really liked the way this sat on the page it was really simple and gave the focus to the photography and gave people a feel for what france looked like and I think the image says a lot about the country. It comminicated the rustic towns and stunning views and just in general everything that dipics france.

I then just wanted to add a small caption/sentance/quote and also a small subtitle.
I decided to place this oppersite the title on the other page and make it look similar in the layout as I felt this balanced well.
Screen Shot 2017-05-29 at 20.22.50
I would ussually experiment with this sort of thing but I am actually really happy with the final outcome of this peice.

I like the way the space works and think it is really effective and clean. I like the balance of the two pages when presented together and overall think it communicates the feel effectively.


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