For this project I have already really done all the difficult designing – I have created the brand lines, logo and the colours,patterns,accents and fonts  so all that is left to do is that is too translate this on the other ephemera I wanted to create – I wanted to create a full line up poster, A vip pass , tickets and a flyer/leaflet.

I started off by researching the sleeves I wanted for the VIP passes so that I could get my sizing right – these are the sleeves I chose to order – I wanted them to be portrait, I just thought it would look better as it would be more fitting with the rest of the ephemera.

This is the holder I chose to order for my layards for the passes, This helped me get started as I had the size for this so started to design it – The video below shows the process I took using the different elements I had chosen for the brand.

I then changed my mind  – I saved it as a PDF and looked at it in more depth, I wanted something that was more dynamic – The space below looked to empty so I decided to change it slightly… I was left with these 2 options. I decided to use the purple as the most dominant colour as I thought it worked a lot better than the other colours.

I was left with these 2 examples as although very similar they had slightly different feels to them, I got some feedback and the preffered one was the right hand side although most people couldnt see the difference. I think the reason is I placed a gradient on the background and then faded out the one on the left hand side so it eases the shapes in a little rather than a bit of a blunt divide between the purple and the colour.

I decided I did not need the logo itself on this part but when designing the reverse I will include the logo as mostly people will be using inside the festival but also I think people would like it as like a momento so it would be nice to have the logo and festival name on there somewhere.


For the back I wasn’t to sure what I wanted.. I knew I wanted to incorporate the logo but I wasn’t sure how.. I thought I might print it double sided with the VIP design just at the risk of it turning round but not sure whether this would work.. I think I will try to incorp the logo onto the first design and have this double sided as I am not keen on the idea of either of these two so think I will re-think.

I have decided to have one side with the VIP and one side with the Elate part – I have also decided to add a barcode to stop people printing them out and replicating them.

Screen Shot 2017-05-16 at 18.27.41.png


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