Development Of Main Poster

I started of the layout of my poster by adding the “Client” logo at the top of the page and the same typeface I had used through out the logo I added the word “presents” above…

This worked surprisingly nicely as I had another gab in the bounding box of the logo.

Screen Shot 2017-05-11 at 17.26.55.png

I then noticed that that “festival” part of the logo was blending into the background a little too much therefore popped a drop shadow behind – Not to dark just to lift it off the yellow shade behind slightly.

Screen Shot 2017-05-11 at 17.33.02.png

I decided from the outset that with this project I would create 1 main advertising poster and then another poster for the line up, I have decided to include the venue –  date etc onto this poster and some of the headliners so that is what I am going to work on laying out next…

The images above show the processes I took and the layouts I cancelled out to complete my final layout design as for this section of the poster.

As you can see I intailly wanted to have a title saying “headliners include” but once I had the names in I thought it spoke for itself and I think people will know that is not the full line up but only the headliners – I will write for full line up go to… and you would have a website or online poster with the rest of the info.

I also opted for a paragraph with the artists as I thought this looked more clean and gave me more space to play with the rest of the information rather than the long list.
I also made the desision once I saw more type in the futura typeface that I did not like the effect it gave there for used raleway – Very similar typefaces but raleway gave the effect that I wanted for the final poster – It went well with the geometric style and also was a lot more uniform with the rest of the poster.


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