Adding Type & Infomation – Main Poster Development

Now I had already decided that it would be an idea to not use more than 2 typefaces and I had already used 2 in my logo which was Futura & Dry Brush which I think were very effective… I then made a list of music artists that would be “playing” at my festival.

I added the smaller triangles as I felt I needed something to break up each artist and it did balance the paragraph out slightly which worked nicely as a unique touch I changed the direction of some of them and feel this actually works nicely as your eye draws to where the tri is pointing almost like an arrow which is a nice touch.

Screen Shot 2017-05-13 at 11.49.37.png
I wanted to work out a good way to lay this out so that the poster felt balanced and worked nicely as a whole, I intially thought that I wanted a title stating the “Headliners Include” and then have the list of the headline artists for the festival but…  despite trying it in a few different typefaces etc I made the desision that it was pretty self explanatory and then returned to my research and this is not something that was done in other posters – It was just assumed that people knew that that was the headliners – I will be doing a link for the full line up – After much deliberation I was left with 2 layouts that I prefered to the others.

(If you hover over each images above you can see which typeface is which)

I have actually decided to change the typeface as I discovered one that was working better so I changed all the type (including the logo) to perfect it – I chose RALEWAY rather than FUTURA. It is not such a polished typeface so did need a bit of kerning adjustment etc and the line spacing was all off so this was something that needed to be done manually but it did make loads of difference, it was a lot more subtle and balanced the poster a lot more nicely and made the other typeface a lot more of an accent which I really liked.They are very similar typefaces its only that raleway is a lot flater and has nicer number etc.

As you can see I opted for the DRY BRUSH typeface to only be on what I considered important parts parts of the poster due to the fact it would make it look to busy.
After getting some feed back most people thought it was a bit pointless having the brush typeface throughout which I actually i understood I think it was just too much “faff”.
The only problem I had was that this “LONDON” part of the poster was too light and did not work in balancing the poster – It is very top heavy.

Screen Shot 2017-05-13 at 11.48.02.png

I decided I needed something to “Anchor” the post for want of a better word so I included a drop shadow in the purple colour and then echoed this in the top logo to give more balance I also added the extra infomation I needed included.

I also added the website site which I felt was needed – As this would be a large poster it did not need to be massive.

I made the ELATE in the web title the same as the typeface in the logo I thought this was nice touch to keep it cohesive with the rest of the brand and am actually really happy with it.
So this is my final poster and I actually think it is really effective.. My next step will be to test print this and if I am happy with the colours etc then I proceed using the same elements to come up with my full line up for the day including different areas with different artists..


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