Back to the drawing board ….

So… As you can see in my previous post I have been experimenting with ways in which I would like to complete this project. The idea I has was not suitable as initially thought so I have gone back to the drawing board.
I reviewed the research I had already completed and decided that I would try to head more in the direction of the previous pieces I had looked at such as the works of Yoko Honda etc.

I also gained from my experimentation that I wanted something more bold and that the piece that defiantly more modern and in line with the contemporary design that I have seen throughout other festival branding – I also felt that something more modern would be more cohesive with the brand look I have created with the logo my next step will be to look into doing some more pattern work to build an eye catching feel that can compliment the logo and work for this years festival brand. I want something simple enough to use as a background etc with type over to insure that the right information is included but also something that will be eye-catching but also appeal more directly to my audience. I also want something that can be effectively translated onto all the other ephemera I am looking to create.


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