Idea Development

As a result of my research and existing knowledge of festival fashion, I thought it might be interesting to create something that incorporated flowers into my design as this was a connotation of a festival.
I decided to do this by using stock images of flowers that would be suitable and work nicely together.
I then illustrated it with my Wacom Bamboo Tablet using strokes in the direction that the lines in the petals go as I felt this would work best. I then outlined each colour as you can see and then deleted the imagery behind and then I picked all the colours and filled in each precoloured sections.

I then did exactly the same thing with another flower and then made it smaller and duplicated it to have a little one like a bunch of flowers – I then started to think it might be slightly too femenine – In my opinion it started to look really outdated, I decided to give it a try before giving up on it so I tried it in a reith design to reflect my findings in festival fashion.

I really really do not like this poster idea!!!! It is not what I have been thinking at all. It is really muted. I want something that SCREAMS festival and really gives a happy feeling. Although this connotes muted, relaxed feelings I am not pleased with the final look at all… I think the communication of this piece in a busy busy city like London is just not going to work. I also think the connotations of the flowers etc are very dated and also super super feminine and I just do not think it fulfills the brief …. Back to the drawing board me thinks….

Screen Shot 2017-05-09 at 21.09.57.png


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