Ok… so perhaps this post is not very design related although…. For this project, I definitely have been inspired by my perception of festival fashion.
I decided I would do some more research into this as felt it would work nicely to inspire me to ensure my communication to the audience is well informed.
I looked into sights like Pinterest and also looked into some fashion magazines to see what festival fashion was popular and how I could connote this in my design as having been to festivals myself and from seeing lots of my age, friends being avid festival goers ,something that is very well known on social media is that most people post there festival outfit and it is  a lot  of the reason some people go.

Something that my research has shown is that there are some different types of festival fashion, It is a cross between very bohemian (hippy) like fashion and a lot is all glitter, colour and pattern.. VERY 80’s.

Festivals give you the right to go mad with what you wear and that is something that I have experienced first hand. People really go mad and really express themselves but it is always very colourful, bold and usually very glittery.
Although glitter is not something I want to show in my designs I would like the designs to be very bright and eyecatching to give this feeling.

Something that is always a huge thing at festivals is the flowers…

Lots of girls where bright coloured flower crowns etc.. This is something that I will be trying to encoporate as a main feature in my designs I think.



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