Artist Research – Yoko Honda

Having discovered Yoko Honda in my previous research I wanted to look more into his work as I thought it was really interesting and gave me a feeling that I would like to evoke in my audience. Having looked into his website I discovered lots of different patterns that he creates and also some more artworks like the one in my previous research – Having looked into Yoko’s work it shows me that my previous observations of it being 80’s inspired is correct. It is all very brightly coloured and some what garish. As explained before I feel this reflects festival fashion which is something that I was interested in reflected in my designs and this is something that has inspired me a long the way.
Yoko Honda 1 .jpg

The pattern above is made almost entirely out of flat shapes some of which have had effects added to look 3D. I think the colours are really interesting and work really nicely together – They definitely connote 80’s.


This next image by Yoko is made up of some illustrated shapes and also some more 3D, realistic illustrations. I think this is very effective although something like this would not work quite as well for me due to the fact I am going to have text etc to base over the top so would need something more uniform – I think these pieces are really effective although I think I would need to take inspiration from the colours used more than the patterns themselves as I think something like this would be too busy for what I need to create personally.


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