Logo Ideas

As you can see in my sketches I have been thinking I will be having some form of typographic logo. This is mainly concentrated as a result of my research due to the fact I want something simple that can work as a stand alone to make sense but also can be worked into the yearly branding of the event as this is something important for events that I have seen in the past. I really like the sort of 80’s colourful vibe with different shapes and lines – It also reminds me of something quite tribal which I think is cool – Just gives a bit of a different feel.

I also tried out some really modern compositions where by the type is sort of made out of shapes that layers over each other which I also thought worked really nicely. I have also seen loads of logos and type recently where it is really spread out in a box layout and the letters of the words are in a strange layout so I tried this but I am not sure how this would work it might be something I try digitally but this playing around with ideas along with my research has helped me discover I would like something mainly typographic.

Elate 2Elate


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