After being in London and looking around I noticed that a lot of the artwork and advertising is either graffiti or corporate style there is not a lot of modern and colourful artworks or illustrations that use clean and modern lines whilst also being very human, beautiful and interesting so this is something I want to try and create for my final.

I have looked into some illustrative posters to gain inspiration and also give me a feel of the style I would like to go for.

Throughout my research I have found a lot of typographic designs that incorporate flowers which is actually something that is a very noticeable connotation of a festival, I think what I mainly like is the effect of having the leaves and petals over the type and shapes – It makes it really interesting and feel really 3d and human.


I love this example as it is a beautiful piece of design but looks very modern due to the incorporation of the thick modern lettering and borders – I like this juxtaposition as it makes for a very striking piece designed by


I really love typographic based posters to portray a message – I think it is really effective at giving a strong striking message and also forces people to read and consider – I also like it when the message is quite loose and takes a bit of personal interpretation as I think this will be useful for my project as makes people inquisitive and interested. My first idea for this project was to use flowers as this was the initial connontations that came to mind when thinking about festivals.


I think this piece is really stunning a striking – I believe this is a piece of very highly detailed illustration which I feel although would be time-consuming is something I could potentially give a try! I found this example by Kévin Bothua on Behance who is actually a typographer. I do believe that there is elements of photography in this piece also but I just feel it is well rounded and very clever.

I then decided to look into some other striking art work because although theses works are contempory they are very muted and natrual colours and after researching another style that is trending at the moment is neons and other bright colours and this is something I feel as if I am missing in my portfolio as it is not something I have experimented with that much although  I would love to see the styles.

Screen Shot 2017-05-02 at 14.51.34.png

Art work like the one above is very bold in the patterns used and also the colours – This is something that draws attention and when carrying out my research in London and looking at space and also compition in the area.
I really like the bold patterns used in this and think it is really effective although I think the white space and simple other type in the image is needed to simplify it and make it ledgible.


I think this is a VERY interesting – I am not sure if they have quite got the balance right between making something modern and new and interesting and making something clear, ledgable and attractive – I like the use of shape, colour and pattern as this is a hard thing to combine in one poster without it looking busy and garish although I dont think the infomation is not very clear at all I think it is quite strange looking in actaul fact and I am not to keen with the final outcome – It looks quite disjointed although I do wonder wheather I could combine my research of the 2 different styes I have looked at, I like 2 different elements such as the geometric style and the hidden parts of the letter covered by illustrative elements.

Yoko Honda

This artwork is by Yoko Honda this is really really interesting and modern – I think this works brilliantly to give that cheerful, bright and 80’s throwback vibe which is something that is very popular.

This have given me a thought for my final peice due to the fact that I think design and fashion comes hand in hand a lot of the popularity of festivals comes with festival fashion! This is something that I think would be good to portray in my finals so I would like to have a feel of this.

A lot of the fashion in festivals is very 80’s inspired with a modern twist this is something I am going to look into to get some inspiration from other styles from festivals.

After doing this research I decided I wanted to try to create something where there is



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