Festival Branding Inspiration/Research

Here is an example of a really interesting example of a festival branding – This is definitely one of the more out there examples I have found.I really like the bright and contrasting colours – I think the brand is very new and cohesive – It works nicely throughout the different ephemera. I think it uses a simple and logo/title and then uses the background to give the interest to the poster – I think this is a really clever way to brand the festival due the fact that in future years you can still have the same recognisable logo and title but you can change artwork and themes to have a new point of interest every year – this is something I have seen done quite a lot especially with large festivals that come round every year as you can see in my further research – As design develops it gives you the oppertunity to have an up to date modern face on the festival and something fresh every year whilst maintaning the identity of the festival with the simple logo.

Music Festival Inspo.jpg
In the slideshow below you can see the progression from 2014 – 2017. The different trends in design and the change in what catches the audiences attention has been reflected in the change in there design althought the logo has stayed roughly the same – Some parts have been changed such as the logo is in different colours with some different outlines etc but actually it is very effective and follows the trends cleverly whilst maintaning the same level of design and keeping typeface choice and colour schemes to insure it is recognisable.

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This is another very effective set of branding and they have done exaclty the same thing – Stuck with a super simple logo and then developed the ephemera to create something interesting and eyecatching.
I like the way they have used the bright colour and patterns to give it the feel of the festival and give the desired communication.


These examples are by one designer but they are for different concerts and artists – I really like these modern examples with the geometric shapes and abstract typefaces and I think they work really well.


 I really like the colour palette used in the 1st example (The Kendrick Lamar one) I think it looks really interesting on black. I think the patterns work nicely to grab attention and I think the backgrounds look really interesting and stand out ALOT more that the block colour backgrounds in my opinion. This makes me think that this could be a good option for my pieces – I think it also represents the bright lights and the “party” feel. This is something I feel could be engrained in the feel of my finals and I think it is really effective – I also feel that this would make it easier to transfer onto different ephemera and make it recognizable.

Although this is not for a festival I really took a liking to this style of logo – I think this work nicely as a simple logo that could be complimented by the artwork that could be created yearly.





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