Colour Theory Research

Although I will be creating the initial logo in black and white so that it can be changed accordingly each year for the brand I wanted to look into colour theory – As research for this project I have been taking a course on colour theory – I wanted to educate myself in Colour Theory as I wanted to use bright and vibrant colours to represent the attribute I wanted to portray with this project – I want to use these colours to insure that this peice communicated really clearly to my audience and I thought this would help me do this.

This course taught me about how warm and cool colours how these can make us feel. When viewing warm colours such as reds,pinks,oranges,yellows etc.. This makes us feel a sense of warmth but also the likes of red and hot pinks can give an unpleasent warmth and sometimes feel dangerous etc…

Cool blues,purples,greens and such are gives us a calm, cool feel and can be very comforting. I think a mix of the 2 colours themes will give me the desired effect. This course did not give me the desired amount of information on this topic so I have done some more research.

The information I was looking for was to understand the what connotations of different colours and how they communicate to the audience.


This guide was a brilllaint representation of how brands are already representing themselves as brands. I think orange,red,blue, greena and even the grey have the attributes that I think I would like represented in my branding.


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