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What do we want the communication to achieve?

The campaign will be advertising a new festival in Finsbury Park, London. Held by Live Nation Entertainment.

Who are we talking too?

This is an all inclusive festival although they want the branding to be quite modern and give connotations of summer and positivity.

What is the Unique Selling Point?

They wanted to create a festival that is all inclusive and promotes positivity! They want a really modern and interesting brand that fits these connotations.

What Evidence is there to support it?

Live Nation Entertainment are “the largest producer of live music concerts with 71’000’000 Fans, 26,000 Events, 3200 artists & 40 countries.”

How do we want this to come across?

Live Nation are looking for something modern and fitting with the of there other festival at this venue (Wireless Festival) which was a massive success – The reason they have created a second festival is because the amazing success and popularity they wanted to create a second one a few months later!

Who are the main competitors?

A lot of the competitors are also owned by Live Nation so they are not so much competitors (The likes of V-Festival, Reading, Leeds, Wildlife etc).

For me as a designer the competition for the advertising would be other street art and advertising in the area.

Media Requirements?

All ephemera related to the advertising and day of the event.

How will we use Research & Methodology to enhance and improve the development of ideas:

I will be doing research into other Live Nation Festival branding and taking inspiration and/or finding a better way of doing things that I am not to keen on in the branding.

I will looking at the history of branding to give me the best inspiration of classic branding.

I will also be doing research into colour theory with this online course so that I can ensure the advertising gives the audience the desired feeling as requested by the client.

I will be looking into iconography to get a feel for connotation and how I would like to advertise the festival.

I will utilize my knowledge of typography and try to broaden this knowledge with research to ensure this is an expressive part of my design.


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