Sketching & Planning

So having thought about the sort of thing I wanted to create I wanted to think about visuals – I decided that I wanted to go through and try and get some visuals for some of the posters etc. The way I did this was just by sketching out the ideas I had for quotes and then work out some arrangments and layouts to get an idea of how I wanted them to work before jumping onto the computer. Although this is just a rough sketch it gives me an idea of what I want to achieve.



This helped me to think about typeface choice – To be honest this is always something that develops during the design process so this may change throughout one I have my art work in place.

I also made the decision that I probably would not use different typefaces as I felt this overcomplicated and I wanted the posters to look really clean and modern.


This is another version I did that has a boarder around which I think might work quite nicely to keep it looking contained and more clean with the detail of the flowers and leaves. I would also add some sort of fact underneath which I think would state the reason for the quote to give it more purpose and make it more understandable.

As explained previously I do want my illustrations to work together – I am not sure if I will do this by colour, type or style of illustration but I would like them to look uniform and work nicely together.

This poster will represent the typography saying “smile at a stranger” then the sub information will say “make someone else day to make your own”. This is based upon opinions I got from other people where by they explained it makes them happier for the day when someone smiles at them – This research is shown in my previous posts.

Smile at a stranger copy.jpg

The next poster will be “call someone you miss” I have not yet decided what the subtitle will be for this one as I am not sure it needs to be expanded on but the detail will be the coard of the old fashioned phone.

Call someone you miss copy.jpg

I will be doing a few more posters that will be “Take a last minute holiday” and “treat yourself” which I have thought about but want to get on doing my illustration for the posters so this will come next.


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