Stress In The City

I have been doing some research into depression and mental health along-side well-being and whether this was something as important to people as it is in my personal life with members of my family and was absolutely surprised by the response I found online.
There has been lots of articles from the likes of The Telegraph, City AM & even The Evening Standard.

This is one quote from one of the articles that really stood out for me and shows the importance of the issue.

“McDonald, 54, former global vice president of human resources at consumer goods giant, Unilever, speaks with passion and animation, in part because he knows about his subject from the inside out.

In January 2008, he remembers: “I woke with a panic attack that was so severe I thought I was having a heart attack and was going to die. I went to the doctor the next day, who diagnosed me with anxiety-fuelled depression.””
I have been reading into a lot of articles to understand the topic and have more sympathy for the audience I am working with. With one article even mentioning suicide the size of this issue is extraordinary. Although this is something I have definitely been aware of in my own life with family members it is something I really wanted to explore with this project, I want this project to mainly evoke a feeling of happiness and have a lighter approach. The aim of this project is not to raise awareness of the issue although I think the two will come hand in hand.


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