Before The Flood Reaction


Before the flood in the first scene is made to feel very frightening and that Climate Change is something devastating, Which maybe it is. It makes you understand that is not just the everyday things we are told about, Driving our cars to much etc it talks about the larger issues that I hadn’t fully appreciated before watching the film. It talks about carbon tax which I hadn’t heard of before let alone understood. The most shocking part for me was when it talks about extreme weather patterns which is something that a lot of people have become aware of but it then played in the background some news bulletins of the extremities they believed it has caused such tsunami’s etc and it reminded me of how many large weather disasters there had been in the last say 10 years and that I had never linked this to global warming. It also had a tour round a town in America that floods so heavily every year that they have had to spend millions of pounds making the city safe, This is supposedly caused by global warming as the water just suddenly comes up from the drains very very quickly turns into a huge flood.
This showed just how much it impacted people’s lives. I also found it very frightening personally when they started to show clips of Donald Trump saying “Global Warming Does Not Exist”. Donald Trump has now been made (after the film was created) a huge leader which is very frightening due to his reactions to such an issue. I also found it shocking when they took a helicopter of oil mines etc as it was such a vast area and took up so much space and this was not something I had considered before now.


I think my gut feeling throughout this film was helplessness. It did not really explain what we could do or how we could help. I felt like it sort of threw all of the issues at you and didn’t really give us a solution, If there is one.

It also made me very skeptical, I do not think throughout this I was biased at all, Throughout the film, my opinion changed quite a lot really. I am skeptical that this could all be a conspiracy theory but that is the person I am, It just doesn’t all sit quite right with me but in my cognitive thoughts there is more prove than there is for the other side that this does exist and it is something that is changing the world.


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