|Emeric Trahand is a digital artist I discovered some time ago who creates beautiful illustrations that are very hard to be differenterentiated from photography – I beleieve he does incorporate photography into some of his works with the technique of photomontage but I love this style of realistic illustration. His work has been commisioned for many large corporate companies such as G Shock, Nike, Prada and Toyota and the list most definetly goes on.

Takeshi’s illustrative work is renowned for its surreal feel, the quality of its photomontages as well as the light treatments and colourful compositions.

Tekeshi .jpg
The peice above shows an early work from Trahand otherwise known as Takeshi. It stated on his website that this is a “mixed media” piece. I think this is a very interesting peice and has a lot of depth. The shadowing in the background gives the feel that there is a mountin scene in the background which I think is really interesting and I think in peices like this one it is the small added details that make it work.

Mixed Media.jpg
This is another mixed media peice but I feel this is very different, Firstly it is a lot more colourful and you can see how the peices have been brought together although, Saying this the peice still does not look flat, It still has different sizes and makes it look like it has defenition throughout. I think something like this might work well for my peices I would like to try and bring together photography and illustration to create my finals.


This peice states that it is “digital” there for I beleive this is more digital illustration (apart from the shoe) which I think is also very effective – It is not as detailed as the previous pieces but does still have depth still looks super suriel. I think this is very effective.


This is the peice that was created for prada. I added this into the post I think it really contrasts from the other peices. The illustrations of the leaves and flowers individually are a lot more flat and do not have quite as much depth but all together he always gives all his peices a Fore, Middle and background whn it comes to the individual items in the “collage” part of the image although I have not seen any of his pieces with type in them which will be a consideration I will need to make as I want this to be at the forefront of a lot of my designs.


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