Well-Being Research

  1. the state of being comfortable, healthy, or happy.
    “an improvement in the patient’s well-being”


    My project will be focusing mainly on well-being although the aim will be to just make people around London more happy – The reason I have chosen London is because I think it can be very gloomy and over-whelming for some people.
    I also think a hot topic at the moment is mental health how our well-being can change this.

    I have seen a lot at the moment about the rise of depression in city workers and it is something I have experienced in my own life.

    This project is mainly focused on trying to just make people smile – I think it is really important due to the number of people that rush their way to work and do not take in their surroundings or appreciate the life they lead! It strikes me that the work I create will need to be either very striking to draw attention or very different – A spectacle!


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