Well-Being Associations

I have been looking into some well-being associations that I could use as my client for this project to give me a more specific market to cater to. I have looked at lots of different associations/charities that I thought would suit my topic although some more specific that others.

I have found a lot of movements for well-being and mental health although I actually wanted an association as I do not want this to be something that is “just a movement” I do not want it to be something that is going to fade out in a few years! I want something solid and here to stay.

The two associations I have whittled down too is these two –

The first being

MINDS@WORK – This is their ethos –


Minds@Work aims to break the stigma of depression and anxiety in the working world. We want to create mentally and emotionally healthy and human workplaces where individuals can flourish and organizations prosper.


The second being – The City Mental Health Alliance – This is their ethos –


Everyone has mental health in the same way as everyone has physical health. The focus is therefore on supporting all City workers to achieve our full potential, for ourselves, our families, our communities and the businesses for whom we work, throughout our working lives.

We believe business can take a leading role in building on the wave of change in society that is making mental health a subject that everyone can talk about without fear.

Having looked into both of these I think the MINDS@WORK movement looks like it will work a lot better for my project – The only thing that has got me slightly torn is that the City Mental Health Alliance is based in London and this is where my project will be based but my thoughts are is that I would like this to be a more widely spread message so to confine it would be a shame.

I will be incorporating my project to be in association with this association although will be working it as a freelance installation project,therefore will not need to use the branding throughout my pieces although will be incorporating the logo somewhere in the designs.


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