As you have seen throughout my previous posts I will be designing in association with the Minds@Work movement association. I loved the ethos and it was lighthearted and I really liked the way they have made the project approachable for the city workers and it was very specific to the topic I wanted to work on.

Screen Shot 2017-04-15 at 20.26.12
I also really like the branding for this association, I think it works and it very clear and effective, It is also very modern and uplifting and this is a style I will be going for with my works.

This is how Minds@Work was started… This is very interesting to me as it is people that come with the experience themselves and also have got an idea of how to make a business successful and wide-spread therefore hopefully can spread this campaign.

Minds@Work was launched in 2015 to support individuals suffering from mental health issues, in particular, depression and anxiety, by contributing to breaking the stigma associated with these conditions in the workplace – a key channel to access people and create change.

We want to change culture and empower everyone to help sufferers to remain and thrive in the workplace.

Minds@Work is led by:
Geoff McDonald, former Global VP of Human Resources at Unilever; Advocate and Campaigner; Associate of Connecting With People
Georgie Mack, Managing Partner of product innovation consultancy Made by Many
Camilla Upson, Events & Communications, Forward Institute

Screen Shot 2017-04-15 at 20.28.03.png
I think that the branding for this is modern and uplifting and works well for its purpose. It is very corporate and I think it works well.
I am excited to start coming up with ideas as this will help with my concept.


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