First of all I wanted to work out what I would base my posters on… Going back to my research at the Women Work Event I thought about the idea I have from “Stop & Smell The Roses” I thought I would love to represent coping mechanisms and reminders to people to appreciate the little things like Nature, Love, Feelings etc as this is how my project started ..

I found this poem that speaks about the small things that sometimes we by pass but how for some people they can really keep you going and make the world feel ok…

I do appreciate that the world is not a place where we can all be laughs and smiles and sometimes it can be a really horrible place for some people but I think for a lot of people this is the way to cope and I think this could really make people smile.

The little Things 2

Little Things Poem .jpg
Having read these poems it shows me that I am working with something that is very personal and everyone is made happy by different things so I will need to be careful and keep it very general although I feel as if I will need to do some more research.. I think my next step once I have looked into how I will start to create my posters is to do a survey or some interviews to gain an understanding of what are the little things in life that people appreciate.


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