WOMEN WORK – Well-Being Research

I attended an event of workshops and evening speakers, I decided this would be a good event to attend to gain some understand also some quotes from experts. There were lots of workshops about Health & Well Being which was something that I was interested in understanding to insure my outcomes are helpful for people and mean more than just designs. As I have said I want this campaign to be light hearted so I started to take notes on what could be the elements of my campaign.

The first workshop I attended was by Carol Arnold – She is a specialist in “Nature being a medicine”.

She explained that sometimes 1 hour in nature, walking or running or just sitting in nature can be as effective as being on medication for mental health disorders.The only thing I wrote down during this workshop was “Stop And Smell The Roses” due to the fact it gave me a reminder that whilst thinking about my project city workers and people who live in the city spend loads of time in a smoggy, built up atmosphere – This is proven to contribute to bad well-being!

There were a lot of speakers who focused on mental health but the ones that stuck out for me where the ones that chose to speak about well-being therefore this is what I have decided I will mainly be speaking about as from what I can understand and in my opinion they come hand in hand as if more of us looked after our well-being perhaps we would have a lot more people with healthy mental health.

I think this will work really well for people like businessmen as although this is where a rise in depression has been seen in recent years, stereotypically businessmen do not want to sit and talk about there feelings although it may be easier for them to understand well being. I think it may be a slightly more approachable topic than mental health there for slightly more light hearted.


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