Creation of the brand and logo for the Kent Sales Academy

Project Rationale: 550 of the top Sales Directors and senior sales execs in the UK attended the Association of Professional Sales annual conference in London in June 2016 and were asked a number of questions. The one that was the most significant to the audience was:

“What do you believe to be the biggest challenge facing the sales industry today?”

The No 1 answer was “Lack of talent/clear skills development within the community today”

It is a national problem and it is certainly a problem in Kent and there is a huge demand for sales talent in businesses.

Role of the Academy: The Kent Sales Academy (KSA) will provide well trained and highly motivated sales people to the Kent business community, which will increase the GVA of Kent and the success and competitiveness of Kent business. It will do this by delivering the following:

  • Make students aware that sales is an exciting and lucrative career opportunity and enticing them to join the KSA
  • Test for the DNA of a sales person which is resilience, tenacity and curiosity to ensure they are able to complete the apprenticeship and are suitable for a sales role
  • Run a sales for beginners course in schools
  • Finding sales apprenticeship jobs in Kent for 19-24 year olds who will be paid above the average wage for their peer group.
  • Run a  series of 3-month sales training courses for unemployed school or university leavers linked to the traineeship funding
  • Placing students into one-year apprenticeships where we will deliver a series of sales training courses across the year leveraging the apprenticeship funding

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