I think this brief was very interesting, Working with a live client is very exciting and brilliant experience for industry.When we were delivered the brief the main points I took from the client was that they were interested to see something interactive with some moving elements.
They also made it clear that wanted a new angle for the new site therefore this is where I wanted to start rather than thinking about the design or software first.
I started to look into the ways I could make the call to action very prevalent but also make the audience feel involved and find a way to make them more interested.
Through research of the game I discovered 3 main elements to the game and decided that I would accentuate these 3 main points –

  • Community – I named this Global Domination to make it a stronger point
  • Historical Accuracy – Wargaming prides themselves on the accuracy of this game
  • A Soldiers Story – This will show a story line to the game and give a more emotional connection

    I showed these points different through having a large header image for each one to make it visual and for the audience to gain an understanding for what each one in tailed.

    When it came to creating a live website I decided I would use Muse as this works nicely along side my other adobe software.

    I created a page for each element to make it easily navigable and clear and also to separate each elements clearly.

    I created some GIFFS to include the moving element of the site – I used photoshop for this as they would only be simple imagery and it is easily translated to muse.

    I created 1 that shows my concept of having a counter for how many people are on the page to give that community feeling.
    The other one I created is to show the accuracy of the tanks by having animated pop ups of each element of the tank as a lot of the gamers would be very interested in it.

    As you can see in my blog I pulled all the elements together to create 3 fully working pages.

    I was really pleased with my finals and thought that it worked really well. I think it fit the brief and looked clear and easily navigable.

    I also made social media and youtube as a prevalent element as this is a modern reliance for the audience and this will help keep audience involved and updated.

    The final presentation of my concepts was to show them in different mockups and also I spoke through the different aspects whilst showing the website on the large screen – This worked well and gave the client an idea of how it looked whilst being used etc.

    I was pleased with my final and thought it was effective. I enjoyed this project as it challenged me and also gave me some more web experience which I felt I needed as I hadn’t done this a lot yet but I am really pleased with how it turned out and think that it was a fantastic experience to present to a real client.

    If I had longer I would have included some more moving elements and possible 3D video on the front page to grab attention.

    Overall I enjoyed this project and thought it worked nicely as a final product.


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