Concept Ideas

The lightmaker I started by making notes of the conceptual side of this brief – Thinking about the different ways you could advertise the game to the audience. I think when speaking to clients it is always good to gain an understanding for what the stage the client wants to be at upon presenting your ideas – The client was very very keen to have more concept than finals.
I started of by focusing on the different elements of the game and wanted to pull out some Unique Selling Points to insure these where at the for front of my designs.
From my research into the standing website and also the game itself I decided to jump straight in as this is a quick project! I choose 3 unique selling points of the game..

1. Community aspect – I wanted to make this aspect stronger therefore called it “Global Domination”
2. Historical Accuracy/ Tankopedia – This is something that the game prides themselves on that all there tanks are very accurate to real life.
3. The story of the soldier to make it personable and give an ethical side to it so that it is not all weapons and killing, This gives people an emotional connection to the game.


I then had to work out the way in which I would do this.

The main call to action would be “FREE TO PLAY” element so this would be the element to include – Also they mentioned they want to make it modern and work really well with the way we interact knower days so it was important that it worked not only on desktop but also on iPhones and also to add social media into the page.

They said they would also be interested in moving elements.

I think this would work really well so this is something I will do in my designs.

I had the idea to have a constant digital timer showing how many people where playing the game at one time – This would make the player feel as if they were part of the team and would hopefully make people more inclined to join in.

I really want to include the moving element to the page – I think a cool way to do this would be to show the tank spinning or popping up facts about the tank – This would be something I would be interesting to put on the website to give that Moving, Interactive side.

Lastly I had the idea to play a video to the audience that showed the emotional side and the “soldiers story” BUT I wanted it to stop half way at a pinnacle part of the story and then that the audience would have to sign up to finish watching – This would give the company information and build there email list for promotions.


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