Other Website Inspiration

This is the first website I found that I thought was really effective due to the fact it is broken up really nicely by the white space between each image and text section. I think this works really nicely. I also like the fact that the buttons are not divided by lines or buttons there just space in between and I think it works really nicely by making it clear yet still simple and modern.

Webpage reminder.jpg

I think this is really effective with the stacked effect – I like the way the top image stretches across to a full screen image as this is defiantly a trend within web design at the moment – I think this draws attention to the top of the page where you want your audience to look, I like that it has a hierarchy and that the imagery is more thin so that it draws the eye to the middle –  I just think the stacked effect works really nicely.


I love love love this example – It has so much that inspires me in this webpage.
I like the image at the top and really like the geometric swift feel – I think this could actually work really nicely to connote speed for the subject matter. I think that this will work really nicely – I think it also works how the have placed a darker hue over the image to make the logo and title stand out more.

I also love the menu and think it stands out nicely.



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