Exsisting Webpage

This is the home page for an existing website for the World Of Tanks game at the moment – As you can see the imagery is a heavy part of the website. This is because a game is something that people like to be visually involved with and like to be part of the 3D imagery – Reading along the bottom I think that it is powerful that they have every element covered.
The Historical Accuracy is really interesting for people who are more interested in the logistical side of things.
Global domination is something that works really nicely as an interactivity side of things – It insures that people feel like they are part of a larger scheme – this is something I would like to include in mine.
Free-To-Win, This accentuates the selling point – I really like this website although it feels very linier and static for something so action packed and mellows it out rather than giving the action packed feel I gathered they are looking for.

I like the fact that the game is simplified into 3 unique selling points – I think this might work nicely in my webpage and I could use these elements really effectively – I would consider breaking these down into pages so that you could research further into each section as I felt like I wanted to click on each one and read more – This could work nicely.

I think the button at the bottom works well – They use quite dark colours through out and then this pops right out – That really interesting.

Screen Shot 2017-02-27 at 13.39.48.png

This is the gallery section of the website which I think works nicely to demonstrate the quality of the graphics as I feel this is something gamers are interested in when deciding to play a game. I think this also shows the quality of the game and also how it might be to play – This is something I will consider including.

Screen Shot 2017-02-27 at 13.40.13.png

This is navigation of this webpage is simply and works nicely – It is a running long website rather than a page by page which I think works really nicely – It reminds me of a remote so it is quite an intuitive navigation I would say although I feel it come have done with being slightly larger.

Screen Shot 2017-02-27 at 13.40.20.png


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