So I headed to illustrator to plan my initial pages – The red crosses show were the imagery would stand and the lines the text.

The first idea I had was the layout of the grids that I have researched previously, I felt this was an effective layout although having a whole page of text in this manor with make it seem unbalanced due to the heavy columns and lines of black lettering in contrast to the light imagery.Screen Shot 2017-02-23 at 17.39.08.png

I then started to think about having some more very small columns of text and possibly some sort of quote as I looked at in my research as I felt this was very effective.
I also had the idea on the bottom left hand corner to utilise some not so detailed parts of whatever imagery I end up using to set some columns or titles on the page.

I also thought something that might work would be to use the first page as just like a image and title page and then have another page based on the main typography about it so that the pages could be more minimalist and more photographic.

The final layout I will be using is below.

Screen Shot 2017-02-24 at 10.15.59.png

The only concern I have is that it may be slightly unbalanced – I would like to find an image that is not distracting and is quite plain and possible layover and this may balance it out slightly.


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