Travel Double Page Spreads – Specific Research

This is the first double page spread I looked at, I really like the the imagery and the way the left hand side is laid out but personally think that the columns on the right hand side looks very crowded and does not particularly work very well – I would say this is a negative point to this as it does make it too complex and not easily legible.

I really like the type face used and this is something I have seen more often through out the travel magazines – The usually use a serif font.

I think the use of the colour picked from the image works really nicely – This is something I think I will try in my own finals.


I do not think the spread is as successful but I chose to look at this due to a few elements that I think work nicely and sort of save it although I am still not overly keen but I think some elements are really successful on there own.

I really like the way the colour of the type fits nicely with the imagery   – Something I also like although the type is not very well set I like the way they have gone with the flow of the shape of the hills with the bottom of the columns.
I also really like the subtitle and the way the quote is set at the bottom. I think thats very effective.


I like the use of the different typeface and like the way that this looks like it is cut out of the image – It looks very clear and bold and works nicely to give that beachy feel. I also like the collage feel on the right – I was not keen on this in the previous one but think this is quite effective as everything has a little bit more space to breath and the space is used a lot more clearly.  I like the use of the more plain piece of imagery as a background rather than a flat colour – I think this works really nicely.


I could not find any Tatler Travel Guide Double Page Spreads but I did  find this cover – I wanted to get an idea for the style.

Again they have used a non-distracting part of the image to place the text which works really effectively – They also use a serif font along with a simple san-serif for other information so not to crowd and make the type look too busy – I am not sure that I will use this tatler title/logo on my double page spreads you don’t usually include this on the inside articles.



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