For this project I feel it was going to go one of two ways – They were either going to want something very typically “girly” with a script front or they were going to want something more modern and simplistic to go with the logo.

I personally think because they are trying to target a more youthful audience I would like to personally use a more minimalist typeface. One of the ladies mentions she thought it might be good to have the strap line and name around the outside in a circle – Although this was a good idea but it is not feasible for this project due to the fact there will be times when this needs to be small on a letterhead and business card and its just too much type for a logo so I provided them with an option with just the name in the circle shape underneath which I think works nicely. They where really pleased with number 5 and this is what they chose for the final logo.
I am pleased with this and think it is suiting.

Screen Shot 2017-02-22 at 15.20.10.png


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