Today I spoke to my tutor and she informed that my design volunteer project would be for a new charity event in Tunbridge Wells but that it was very under wraps until the press release.We had arranged a meeting with the ladies running the event but all I was told was that the event would be for women and was all about inspiring young people and that there would be speakers and workshops.
I had not had any other information on the event – My first thought was the questions I would like to ask at the meeting as I was not sure how many meetings I would get and how much I would be able to understand about the client and what they wanted so I wanted to think about the questions I needed to ask.
Prier to the meeting I asked that my tutor asks for some words and also colours that my client thought might work nicely for there aims for branding.

I got back from the client that they wanted to portray some of these words –

Journey – Among many others these stood out to me as being good things to incorporateĀ the strongest in the branding designs.

They also said they liked the colours orange and blue and they mentioned that they liked turquoise.

I would like to try and prepare at least some sketches as I think for a lot of clients it would be really interesting to have something visual rather than just explaining – This will give me a feel for what they like.


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