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What do we want the communication to achieve?

Encourage the appreciation of the “little things in that make us happy” working a long side a new light hearted initiative for a well-being association.

Who are we talking to?

City Workers & Commuters – The majority will be in the 20 – 65 age range.

What is the unique selling proposition?

Cheerful & Light-hearted and also makes the topic personal – Insuring that the the campaign is not kitch will be imperative to making the campaign different to others as a lot of campaigns of this type can be garish or overly sentimental.

What evidence is there to support it?

It is clear that with the financial uncertainties of todays ever growing society that we are forgetting more about the little things in life – The increase in mental health & suicide has risen in the UK – 9.5 in 100 people in the UK suffer suffer with Anxiety and Depression. Although this is not directly where my project will be targeted I think it well being and taking small steps to a happier and more cheerful society will help with these issues.
There has been so many attempts for raising awareness through campaign etc but I feel we need to try a new approach of taking small steps and making small changes in peoples lives.

How do we want this to come across?

Using Colour, Type and possibly interactivity I want to have a light-hearted and friendly tone of voice.

Who are the main competitors?

Other street art and advertising in the area competing for attention.

Media Requirements?

The campaign will be a physical presence in big cities but I have not yet decided the best way to do this but I know that I will be following campaigns that I will investigate online.

How will we use Research & Methodology to enhance and improve the development of ideas:

Throughout this project I would like to do some more primary research of my own as a lot of time I use books and the internet which I will still take inspiration from and still use sources but my main body of research will be primary sources – I have made this decision based on the fact the research I have already conducted at the design museum and taking inspiration from London in general this gave me more ideas and broadened the media I was looking at rather than just searching for what I thought I needed to know I was getting inspiration from everything so I will be trying to conduct more research in this way.

1. I will be attending workshops and speeches at an event I previously worked on called “Women Work” where by there will be speakers and workshops about health and well-being including workshops below –

Lucy Adams – Mind-Fitness

Nicola Deverson – Recovering from a burn-out

Daisy Foss – Finding your happiness

and also lots of inspirational speakers talking about being unhappy in your job,mindfulness and well being. This will be something that give me more insight into people who have experienced things that I want to try and relate to and be able to refine my project and create something very relatable and suitable for my chosen topic.

2. I will be visiting a foil and embossing specialist to understand the process as a consideration for a technique I may potentially use to help me with the interactivity side of my project.

3. I would like to try and speak to city workers and do some sort of focus group to understand the struggles I am dealing with and also what sort of interactivity they would have time to and want to take place in if at all.

4. I have also been directed to a MOOC course online where by I can take information and evidence facts provided by this The Science Of Happiness Course by the university of California – This shows the evidenced facts surrounding happiness and well-being in life as this is more what I would like to base my campaign around.


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