I am keeping my ideas broad at the moment and I will do more research into the fields, My brief will not specify anything about the client it will just say what the task is.

IDEA 1 – To create all ephemera related to branding and marketing an upcoming & new event.

IDEA 2 – To create a new line of packaging for a new animal cruelty free & organic makeup & skin care brand.

IDEA 3 – A design installation to encourage city workers to appreciate the “little things in life” that make us happy.

I am really pleased with my final ideas but still not sure which one I am going to go with. I am trying to think about what subject will be rich enough in research and something that I can explore and will challenge me.

I think my best bet would be the event branding as this can include lots of different ephemera & I have seen myself that there is a lot of potential for this and also how much is involved – Flyers, badges or bands for the day, signage, programmes, tickets etc.

In my opinion this could be a really interesting and work really nicely as part of the show.

Although I think the installation for the city workers could also be really effective and emotive, I think there is potential to make this one very interactive and different.

I need to develop this idea to commercialise it some how – This is not something I have managed to obtain yet but I am going to develop my understanding before doing this.


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