London is jam-packed full of inspiration – From the advertising to the busy atmosphere anything can be inspiration.The main things I was trying to think about was where was graphic design or where could graphic design be..
I wanted mainly try to find inspiration for what I could create that would be really interesting and different.
The first thing I saw when we were leaving the train station was this christmas fair type thing, EVERYONE coming out of the station chose to walk that way through just the christmassy area just because it was much more pleasant than walking across the edge of the road and it showed how much potential design would have if it was in this area – This is something Swarovski have taken the opportunity to do by sponsoring an ice rink, I think there would also be potential for advertising as part of the ferris wheel etc but it just made think about how you can get a huge group of people together to put across a message in a really effective way, This also made me see how lovely it was the there was business men and city slickers who very rarely stop to breath for a second walking through and smiling and looking as they walked through. This was interesting to me.

I also realised that there is no advertising on the side of the tubes – I think there is potential for advertising or messages here. Although when I thought carefully I think it would have to be a very well thought out advert as there would only be a split few seconds people would be looking at it for – They would either be waiting and before they read it the train will have left or they would be just on so it would have to be really strong.


I also saw a lot of stickers dotted around London but I felt as if these are to small and there is too many of them so they become hard to notice although they do look cool.



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