Walking into the exhibition this is the first big installation you see is this fashion based one – Designer Richard Malone based this on workwear – He investigated the materials and reimagine the materials and also the shapes.
I thought this was really interesting to see, I actually didn’t think this made to much impact.. Although the items where beautiful I felt as if it could have been misunderstood but it is also very creative, It is not what you would imagine for work clothes – I think this is just another example of how you can take an investigation of a mundane topic and make something really creative and alternative.Screen Shot 2017-02-14 at 15.08.59.png

I think the main thing that bring attention to this exhibit is the texture in the main skirt design, I thought this was really interesting and it shows again that the smaller details can make a piece more interesting.
Screen Shot 2017-02-14 at 15.09.09.png

This album design is a really interesting peice, The designer has designed some advertising and the cover for a new album called black star – It used simplistic design to demonstrate that you do not need lots of flourishes and busy design, ,I actually personally really like this style of design and think that our design is getting more and more simple.
I think it would be really nice to think about this style when it comes to my finals although if I am honest the exhibition had so much to offer that this did not stand out an awful lot.Screen Shot 2017-02-15 at 10.22.36.png

This collection of book covers where really well designed and clever – They were very cohesive and worked really nicely as a group. This is something I had not actually considered, I really like the way it is for separate books but they all the similar layouts and also coincide with all the interactivity and the flaps and pullouts and I think this works nicely, I might think about doing series of something – Books,Posters,Postcards etc etc.

This is one exhibit that really took my attention – This really inspired me! This was designed by Hemingway design – They say “After 4 years of working on the Dreamland Margate project, after so many false starts and times when we thought that some of the enormous obstacles that presented themselves could in fact be insurmountable, the first phase of this amazing community instigated project is open.”

I love this project and think it is really touching to be involved in something like this, It did inspire me in 2 ways.

I love the layout, I think the colours and branding are really interesting and work really nicely for the project, I feel as if they have used the traditional stripes and colours of fun fairs and seaside towns but they have made it modern. I feel this design gives a sense of cheer and also was successful in portraying the sense of community. I love the colours and they typeface used and its very modern whilst also giving a real sense of nostalgia.

The other way this inspired me is the layout in the show, Whilst thinking about my final I wanted to insure it was something that could look really good in the show at the end.I was trying to think of a product or something to attract interest but actually thought this worked really nicely and this is something I could do.

I think I will do even more research on this particular exhibit and possibly the designer as this definitely has inspired me and I think I might have an idea to follow along these ideas.

Screen Shot 2017-02-15 at 11.37.20.png


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