Fear & Love ~ Reactions to a Complex World

These are the notes I made whilst at the exhibition to keep things fresh in my mind and remember my initial thoughts on the exhibits.

Upon going into the the exhibition these are the 2 exhibits you see first, The one on the right is based around Brexit which took place late last year. I did not understand this exhibit before I read the description but it actually made a lot of sense and was really interesting and clever, It was to demonstrate the struggles we will face without having the other EU countries as allies. The Pan European Living Room is a response to the shockwaves of Brexit. It very intelligently shows furnished with a pieces of design from each of the 28 EU states.

I really appreciate the very clever small details of this installation, If you like at the blind it shows the OMA-designed flag for the EU ( I have attached a picture).

I think this exhibit shows just how clever you can be with a concept and how far it can be taken – I also think its something to consider how small the details can be but still make a difference and can be incorporated really subtly .
Screen Shot 2017-02-13 at 18.17.59.png

Screen Shot 2017-02-13 at 19.01.47.png

This is MIMUS – I think from peoples reactions in the museum it was probably the most popular as a lot of people were intrigued. From reading the description I understood this exhibit so much more – This design was to make people feel a sense of futurism also to not fuel fears of robots taking over and taking work for humans. The designer, Madeline Gannon did not see it like this, she wanted to demonstrate that they were more of a side by side companion for humans rather than a fear or replacement.

I think another reason this was popular is because it was interactive, It showed me how it might be interesting for any audience in my final to include interactivity. This has inspired me to think about maybe creating something clever and creatively interactive.

This installation is called Fibre Market, This was a very out there display as it was very large and all you could see was these brightly coloured piles as a juxtaposition to the structured layout design of the pages on the walls. After reading the plague and understanding the instillation I walked round the outside to get a better idea for how it worked.Screen Shot 2017-02-14 at 11.05.59.png

The outside shows that through the process of separating the wool they found that none of the labels where truthful – You can see below the labels from the clothes that we as consumers see and then a list of the real materials that were found in this jumper.
This is an example that whilst exploring & investigating something you can discover something more interesting, I feel this backs up my point that I wanted to do some research and explore a bit before I decide on an idea to see if anything inspirational comes to me like this did Dutch product designer Christien Meindertsma for this project.

Screen Shot 2017-02-14 at 11.24.08.png

I thought this was fascinating – This is claimed to be a piece of wearable technology.
They are actually created really artistically – Each case are the same thing but all have different thoughts behind them or purpose. Some of them are made to represent traditional ones and some of them are to symbolise the last breath. I thought these were really beautiful and were made with some really interesting techniques – They use high tech 3D printing along with plaster and wax to create them. This just shows me how using the right techniques can create a really interesting and beautifully detailed final.

Screen Shot 2017-02-14 at 12.52.04.png

I found this exhibition really interesting and thought it was really clever. All the exhibits where really interesting and this just shows some of my favourite ones. The main thing I took from this exhibition was how interesting design can be whilst playing on current events and world problems. I think it makes an audience feel very included. I also think that seeing the interactiveness and how popular this was made me realise this would be a good way to attract an audience if this is what is needed for my chosen project.

This has given me a few ideas.


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