Final Major Project ~ Pre-Proposal

The first challenge for this project will be to decide on what I will choose to do for my brief, Having had a lecture to introduce the project I made some notes.. Having spoken to my tutors they mentioned that other people had re-branded companies that they did not believe had particularly strong brand, This would suit me quite well for this project although I do feel as if this would be keeping it safe also I do have a few of these in my portfolio already. I also feel as if a brand set (logos,business cards, posters etc) may not be enough to look good in the show and also I feel as if I can challenge myself more with the time scale we have given, I feel like I can utilise the skills I have learnt in previous projects such as illustration techniques and other photography techniques I have been trying to learn recently.


As you can see I started off by thinking about techniques I wanted to use although having thought slightly further I started to think about the fact that when you receive a  brief you would not immediately be given a technique to work with, You would be given the brief first and then you would explore the technique best to used for the project. I think this will be a better way to go about this project, It will insure that I am very explorative within the topic I choose with my research and exploring new techniques.

I also think if I choose my technique first I will try to fit things together which would make me fit the brief into the technique which might make for a poorer quality of work and wouldn’t have a lot of meaning to it.

I looked at the things I was interested in and my hobbies and also the things I am passionate about but I feel (my tutors also felt this way too) that is too familiar and too personal, I want to choose something I can look into and research and learn from, This would be a more exciting process than it would be to look into something I already now about although I feel it is important its something I am interested in and excited to research into.
I then started to come up with some ideas about what I might make my brief for this project, I wanted to think about these things below…

Who is my client?
Why do they need the work created?
Who is my audience?
What is the purpose?

My tutors mentioned that sometimes it is quite an interesting challenge to choose something “boring” or mundane and try to make it more interesting – This made me think about something like a hotel or bank and try to put an interesting spin on either the branding and advertising and although it could be interesting I feel like in the show I want to have something more explorative and either fun or very interesting and something I can try lots of different techniques, A logo design will not give me a lot to research and will not give me a lot to present in the show, I feel as if I want something more interesting.

After thinking more about things I find interesting and also wanted to think about the sort of work I am excited to do when I go into the industry!

I know I would like to do something to do with branding or illustration or photography some how but not sure how I want to do this yet.

Another decision I have made is that I would like my project to be something that makes a difference, I want it to be something for “the greater good” and also wanted to consider my ethical and moral stand still as a designer, Not only do I think this is a huge trend in not only design but in the world at the moment but I think that this is a really brilliant thing but I also think it is very prevalent and is something people need to be thinking off in our ever changing society.
I have thought about the way I want to think about this and to be honest Im not to sure of a starting point, I want my project to be natural.

My next steps for this project is to go and search for inspiration, I am going to look at some work on Behance & Pinterest and go to some exhibitions and see what inspires me, I don’t want to limit myself at this point but it is useful to have an idea of what I might want to do.


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