Dada was a revolution in design in the early 20th century, Developed in reaction to World War 1 It was not like any movement we had seen yet… It used design to protest… It was all about Anti – War, Anti – Machinery & Anti – Art.
They felt that society its self acted in nonsensical ways to govern itself (i.e. World War)
They used collage, photo-surreal techniques and illustration to question meaning.
They did not comply with art or design guidelines or rules of the time, This was intended to make people think and make them come up with there own final decision based on the thoughts and feelings about the artwork.
One of the pioneers in this movement was David Carson. He create non-sensical collage work that would have hidden meaning or sometimes not.
It is hard to find meaning in any of these pieces and to look deeply into them and analysing but I suppose this is the point.. This is how they were created but it was a sense of expression.

“DADA is what you can make out of yourself” Haussmann 1968
It was created as a movement of protest,not only in Art but in politics which crossed paths very frequently in this movement.Poetry was also a large segment of this movement, The created poetry that they would read as a political standstill.
Some make sense and some not at all.

They also created Appolinair calligrams these were almost a combination of the 2 in my opinion, It brings the art and poetry together, I think personally this makes slightly more sense as we can see shapes formed and recognisable figures which is not apparent in other works.

Screen Shot 2017-02-07 at 22.47.24.png

We created this for ourselves to give us the feel of how random these could be.
It was strange to do this as it gave you a feel for how your mind really forces itself to try and make sense of the words but when you have done the process you know that these words were completely chosen at random.

We did this by going through a magazine and newspaper and cutting out random words, We then put them in a back and shook it up and let it fall onto the paper, This is how mine turned out.

I suppose it could be said that the words are chosen from what your personality is attracted to whether this is the word itself the typeface or the colour it still means it can never be completely randomly selected but your mind really does try to make sense of this and I suppose this may have been an appeal to people, to try to make sense and see what they can find in the imagery even though it makes no sense really.




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