Reflection – Link between finals and research

Having now looked back into my research I have realised how much it actually mirrored in my own work and how the research I did helped me to make decisions throughout creating my finals.

Not only from my research into the conspiracy theories did it give me a lot to base my pages on but I learnt a lot from the illustration research I conducted I think the 2 pieces of research that were most effective and reflect most in my finals are my research in protest art and also in Kami Mai.

From researching into Kami’s artwork it give me the inspiration to team the digital painting with a more modern or unique background it also helped me to make the decision that I wanted my painting to look “painted” and more human, Kami has a mixture of this artwork and this helped me to find the ones that I found more effective and I choose to follow this route rather than the more photographic and realistic route.

I also wanted to take the strength and power from the protest art and convert this into my art without it being too hard hitting or shocking.

I think my finals are a product of my research I can see this in my finals.



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