These are my final pages for this project – My project consists of 3 pages of hand illustrated imagery that demonstrates 3 different conspiracy theories – It shows the real life imagery of what we as the public see so it shows
-The moon landing as seen on the news
-How we see medication and pharmacy as giving us pharmaceuticals to make us well
-How we see entertainment as our children on there phones etc.
I have also created some overlays on acetate film that then is placed over the top of these illustrations to create an image that would shows the other side of these theories and the things that may be happening that we do not see – These show
-The moon landing inside a film studio to trick public
-Us being customers to the pharmacutical company rather than being patients and that they are only making money not cures from and for us.
-The illuminati controlling our brains through the entertainment we are provided with

This is my first page – All images show what the page would look like when the acetate lay over.

This is my first page based around the illuminati


This is my page based around the moon landing


This is my page based around the big pharma – Top image shows without lay over and bottom shows with.

PAGE 3 - BIG PHARMA.jpgpage-3-with-layover

I have shown my finals like this as although my final is a circular creative layout I feel that my illustrations would also work in this format – I also think that this would be more reproducible.


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