Thinking about an audience for this project is pretty difficult, Obviously it would be people interested in conspiracy theories so I would say these people would be quite curious, I have created a journey map to give me an idea of what audience this may appeal to, I think this is imperative with illustration as it can be easily mislead and is very subjective, Although it is lovely to have something abstract, artistic and really creative BUT it is imperative that your audience understands what you are trying show clearly communicate.

I have already decided I will need to make my final slightly more realistic and lifelike rather than abstract but this journey map has given me the opportunity to make something clear to my audience and realise how someone different may view my final product.

This helped me to realise that actually although the book may be fun and because its interactive it will be interesting but this would be very short lived and also that this may not inform people as much as you would want for taking something away with you so it may be worth me considering putting some information throughout.

The audience I have looked at below would be my ideal customer but I need this to be more broad. I feel like it would be useful to make this readable and understandable for children and Older people aswell, Although this is not my primary audience of middle ages people this would insure it would be more widely spread and this would be easily done as I would like my images to be life-like therefore making it understandable across a range of audiences.

I also found it interesting that it struck me that most people go to exhibitions as a means of research there fore they would want to buy ephemera that would keep them informed so I need to make this slightly more informative and not just visual.

Journey Map .jpg


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